Learn how to pour a draft beer like a seasoned bartender with AR!

Total Immersion’s partner in Spain, Innovae Vision developed a web-based AR application for Mahou. Mahou is the leader of the beer industry in Spain and is present in 35 countries.

Thanks to this application named “Caña 10 training”, users can learn how to lean the glass right in order to serve the best AR draft beer possible.


You can try the application on Mahou’s website or on Facebook.

Scirocco Cup Campaign won Bronze Media Lions “Best Use of Print”

The Cannes Lions Festival is the world’s only truly global meeting place for creative professionals in the communications industry. Augmented Reality Scirocco Cup Campaign won Bronze Media Lions for “Best Use of Print”. Congrats to  Ogilvy Beijing. More info here.

Results and Effectiveness:

From these insertions came over 900,000 page views, over 200,000 unique visitors and over 50,000 virtually racing on the Scirocco Cup tracks. In addition, huge buzz over the racing game turned into over 52,000 registering for the Scirocco Camp which was a few more than VW could accommodate, but enthusiasm for the race and the Scirocco itself had been attained. Over 7% of the virtual racers signed up for test drives making 2010 VW’s best year ever for Scirocco sales. For VW, it supported (and leveraged) the fun, active, tech-advanced attributes which are so important to the brand.

Creative Execution:

A flap/insert on the outside of magazines led the reader to a print ad about the event. The flap turned out to be a racing wheel to be used in the Scirocco Cup 2010 Augmented Reality race that was as near as their computer. The instant racers chose from the 7 tracks that the professional Scirocco Cup races would take place on around the country. Since Scirocco is really a product that attracts young trendsetter and car enthusiasts with a love for modern technology, this creative execution engaged them on multiple levels: speed, competition, new gadgetry, and as an adrenaline-pumping experience, either alone or with friends.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea:

As the Scirocco Cup Professional Racing Circuit was coming to China, VW wanted to build excitement for the events, and also use the events to leverage their 2010 Scirocco. Since few people from their target were able to attend the races (or even see them on TV as they were not televised) VW wanted to bring the excitement of the racing experience to people.

Catching Dragibus Candies in AR with Haribo’s “Manjouez!” multiplatform game

Haribo launched a new campaign for its “Dragibus” candy brand in April. The name of this campaign is “Manjouez!”, which could translate into “eat and play!”. Several versions of the AR game “Manjouez!” have been released: Dragibus eaters can try to catch their favourite treats online on the main website or on Facebook or they can download the app on the Android Market or on the AppStore.

The online version developed by Total Immersion and Innovae Vision uses movement detection and tracking: players catch candies with their hand and put them in a bag to score. The challenge will be online until the end of August.

Total Immersion’s partner C4M developped the smartphone version. The game is truly immersive as the player has the sensation to have candies flying all around him.  The Smartphone version is available for the French territory only.

Volvo Pioneered the First Ever YouTube Masthead with an Augmented Reality Experience

On Saturday, March 12, Volvo Cars of North America (VCNA) offered for one day only an Augmented Reality (AR) S60 driving experience iPhone and Android app that activates when visiting YouTube.

This campaign, created by Euro RSCG New York, marks the first YouTube masthead ever created with an AR experience of any kind. It is also the first AR game accessible through a mobile app in conjunction with a YouTube masthead.

AR allows Volvo to overlay digital information on top of the traditional YouTube masthead to provide the user with more information and a richer experience, in this case, an exclusive Volvo S60 driving game. While users without the app will see a traditional Volvo masthead on the YouTube homepage, users who downloaded the app will be able to race a Volvo S60 through their phone on the YouTube page, experiencing a whole new Volvo world.

“This ground-breaking initiative is significant to the Volvo brand as it allows us to engage with consumers in a fun and interesting way and continues to position us as a true leader in the digital space,” said Linda Gangeri, National Advertising Manager, Volvo Cars of North America. “By creating a driving game, we’re focusing on the newest and most exciting addition to the Volvo lineup, our new sports sedan, the Volvo S60. This car showcases our new design DNA, our exciting driving dynamics, and our legendary Volvo safety.”

Volvo’s digital and media agencies of record, Euro RSCG New York and Media Contacts are responsible for the development and placement of this campaign, respectively.

“This effort is further proof of Volvo’s commitment to innovation in the digital channels,” said Jeff Brooks, CEO of Euro RSCG New York. “We’re very fortunate to have a client like Volvo who is constantly experimenting with new ways to enhance brand and consumer interactions.”

CNET Article shares some metrics about this campaign :

Volvo campaign by the numbers:
– 61 million impressions on homepage takeover on YouTube on March 12. Google promised 47 million.
– 192,319 clicks on the masthead banner ad
– Interactive banner ad had a 9.6 percent interaction rate. Industry standard is 2.1 percent interaction rate
– Site traffic was up 293 percent.

Win an Ipad with Clic&Spot : the new pimple-killer advergame in Augmented Reality!

As part of the launch of its clicetgain.com public portal, Clic&Gain, the company specialised in Games & Entertainment Communication organises an original and quirky game-competition in Augmented Reality. This game is based on Face Tracking Augmented Reality from Total Immersion.

It is an example of the type of offers Clic&Gain proposes on their platform to publishers and advertisers for fun and ludic communication campaigns. It has been developed in line of the strict specifications in compliance with current standards such as short format; casual, 4 different levels of difficulties.



Any publisher can join the programme “fun network” Clic&Gain and beneficiate free of charge from an acquisition animation tool, leveraging loyalty in a simple, shared cooperative manner. Advertisers are also able to communicate through pre-roll advertising using an existing game or through a dedicated advergame. This fun tool generates a real impact and shows true engagement towards the internet user. The real asset for the end user comes from a web browsing enhanced by game playing and gift winning.

The general public portal is a turnkey solution proposed by Clic&Gain to their partners as a link for their communication campaigns.

Clic&Gain is a company specialised in the creation of fun & game contents enhancing enterprises’ communication campaigns. It also offers a mean to network & broadcast games with an acquisition tool for publishers to secure customers loyalty and for advertisers to communicate through an original, fun and interactive tool.

Prix d’Amérique Marionnaud Augmented Reality Online Game

Prix d’Amérique is a harness race held at the Vincennes hippodrome in Paris, France. The race takes place on the last Sunday of January every yearand it is widely considered the most prestigious harness race in the world.

This year, web visitors had the opportunity to participate to this prestigious race through an augmented reality advert-game and to experience sensations of this unique horse race. Total Immersion’s partner Astuce Productions produced this AR experience.

Augmented Reality Facebook Game for Nokia N8 with Tron Legacy Licence in Russia

Total Immersion russian partner AR Door has teamed up with an advertising agency Carat RUSS’ Media to develop a webcam game Nokia N8. Tron: Legacy.

The game based on augmented reality technology is a part of a marketing campaign devoted to promote the new Nokia N8 and  Walt Disney Pictures movie Tron: Legacy on the Russian market.

To play the game first of all activate the application by visiting a Facebook page  or a web page.

Make sure you face fits the marked shape on the screen. Once completed, you appear on the screen in an extraordinary disguise: wearing a helmet on a brand new motorcycle. To drive it just move your body to the left or to the right. But beware of the obstacles created for you to make the race exciting and breathtaking. To get the highest score, try to play as long as possible. Results and the ranking are published at the bottom of the web page.

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