Total Immersion Releases Augmented Reality Game SkinVaders

Time to Save Face! (Literally!) As Aliens Invade Your Face
in The First Game to Bring Players Physically into the Game

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 20, 2011 Total Immersion, the global leader in augmented reality, today released SkinVaders™, a fun game for all ages available as a free download for the iPhone®, iPad2® and iPod touch® at App Store(SM) at

Created with Total Immersion’s D’Fusion® Studio Augmented Reality (AR) platform, SkinVaders is the first game to fully leverage AR literally bringing players into the game—by transforming their faces into game terrain over which alien invaders, known as SkinVaders, battle it out for total domination. To defeat the SkinVaders, players eradicate invading aliens by tapping on them and popping the eggs laid by the invaders.

With 9 levels and a variety of SkinVaders, all the action takes place on the face of the player.  Pictures are automatically snapped during the process incorporating the 3D graphics, making them fun to share with friends and family. The stakes are high:  It’s time for players to save face.

“SkinVaders demonstrates a world of possibility created by Total Immersion’s powerful augmented reality platform D’Fusion Studio,” said Bruno Uzzan, CEO of Total Immersion. “Players are literally brought into the game as they fight the invasion of SkinVaders intent on taking over their face. The markerless tracking and rendering are so sophisticated that players can suspend belief, deeply engaging in the most personal, realistic and real-time augmented reality experience on the market today.”

About Total Immersion

Total Immersion ( is the global leader in augmented reality. Through its patented D’Fusion® technology, Total Immersion blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream. Leading the augmented reality category since 1999, the company maintains offices in Europe (France, Germany and UK), North America and Asia. Total Immersion supports the world’s largest AR Partner network, with a diversified portfolio of over 120 best of breed solution providers worldwide.

Since its inception, Total Immersion has led the industry in AR technology with over 1,000 executed augmented reality solutions for Fortune 500 name brands and organizations and partnerships with the world’s most prominent technology companies including Adobe®, Intel® and KDDI.


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Total Immersion (US)


Transform Yourself into a Zombie with ZombieMirror AR+ App for Iphone 4

Instantly transform yourself into a ravenous, brain-hungry zombie and join the ranks of the undead with the App Store’s first true live-video Augmented Reality (AR+) face tracking app.

This is more than just image manipulation… Blurring the line between reality and fantasy, ZombieMirror uses cutting-edge AR face recognition to track your movements and perform frightening undead transformations, all in real-time.

Configure your undead identity with maggot-infested wounds, dangling bloody eyeballs, skull-embedded axes and machetes, and much more. There’s enough zombie combinations to last an undead lifetime.

Whether it’s a zombie you or an undead friend, take photos of the action and share the horror on Facebook or via email. Save photos to your camera roll, or even assign them as friends’ contact pictures for an undead fright every time they call!

WARNING: in the event of a zombie apocalypse and your inevitable degeneration into zombiehood, ZombieMirror will only serve to make you an even freakier zombie. Please seek urgent medical attention in the form of a shotgun blast to the face.

Meet and Greet @ E-Marketing Paris 2011 : Jan. 25/26th

Total Immersion will have a massive presence @ E-Marketing Paris 2011 taking place in Paris on January 25-26th.

Total Immersion’s CEO, Bruno Uzzan will be speaker at the opening keynote “Optimizing its Digital Footprint” (January 25th – 9h-10h).

Olivier Audouze  will animate a session about Digital Marketing and Augmented Reality on Mobile on the 26th. (10h10-10h30)

Visit our booth in the “Mobile Space area” located at the third floor where you can experience live our latest projects

AR Immersion 2010: Summary: Mobile AR

Bruno Uzzan, Jason Smith, Hartwig Adam and Michael Breslin gathered during the “Mobile AR” panel to discuss new features in Total Immersion’s D’Fusion Mobile SDK and what the future has in store for mobile augmented reality.

Total Immersion defines AR for mobile devices as markerless tracking and image-recognition, as opposed to geolocation (GPS, real-time 3D data) and marker-based tracking.  Developing successful mobile AR applications depends on integration with the unique hardware features of the smartphone as well as with mobile apps. The D’Fusion Mobile SDK , which boasts optimized algorithms for such tracking, is now available for partner development on the Android and iPhone, with such features as facetracking.

Glu’s Michael Breslin sees AR as spurring a revolution in mobile gaming. Smartphones have become an ubiquitous platform with a projected 3 billion sales in 2011, and an install base of 1.9 billion mobile cameras at the end of 2008. AR games can be defined as a “new and rich game experience allowing players to move and interact in their physical environment with 3D content”. Two current trends in mobile AR trends are small, modifiable apps, and larger-scale games that integrate physical and virtual triggers (i.e. geolocation-triggered text messages). The freemium model can be adapted to AR gaming with upsells for AR features and content. For example, in-game purchases of AR poker chips for a mobile poker game bring in more revenue than one-time downloads.

Google Goggles is an image-reading and recognition technology that connects user-submitted image queries with information and content on the web on a global scale, enabling mobile AR interactions. It can currently recognize 1B pieces of artwork, and other such image categories as logos and product packaging. Google’s streetview database also allows realtime location tracking, for such applications as 3D annotations and virtual graffiti. Query return speeds depend mainly on Wifi vs 3G; currently image-recognition takes 500 ms, making it the least significant contributor to latency.

AR Immersion 2010 Video: Keynote: The Past, Present and Future of TI

Bruno Uzzan, CEO and Co-Founder of Total Immersion, speaks about the past, present and future of Total Immersion during his keynote at AR Immersion 2010, November 9, Los Angeles, CA.

For more videos from AR Immersion, visit Total Immersion’s AR Immersion 2010 YouTube Channel.

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