Total Immersion Releases Augmented Reality Game SkinVaders

Time to Save Face! (Literally!) As Aliens Invade Your Face
in The First Game to Bring Players Physically into the Game

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 20, 2011 Total Immersion, the global leader in augmented reality, today released SkinVaders™, a fun game for all ages available as a free download for the iPhone®, iPad2® and iPod touch® at App Store(SM) at

Created with Total Immersion’s D’Fusion® Studio Augmented Reality (AR) platform, SkinVaders is the first game to fully leverage AR literally bringing players into the game—by transforming their faces into game terrain over which alien invaders, known as SkinVaders, battle it out for total domination. To defeat the SkinVaders, players eradicate invading aliens by tapping on them and popping the eggs laid by the invaders.

With 9 levels and a variety of SkinVaders, all the action takes place on the face of the player.  Pictures are automatically snapped during the process incorporating the 3D graphics, making them fun to share with friends and family. The stakes are high:  It’s time for players to save face.

“SkinVaders demonstrates a world of possibility created by Total Immersion’s powerful augmented reality platform D’Fusion Studio,” said Bruno Uzzan, CEO of Total Immersion. “Players are literally brought into the game as they fight the invasion of SkinVaders intent on taking over their face. The markerless tracking and rendering are so sophisticated that players can suspend belief, deeply engaging in the most personal, realistic and real-time augmented reality experience on the market today.”

About Total Immersion

Total Immersion ( is the global leader in augmented reality. Through its patented D’Fusion® technology, Total Immersion blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream. Leading the augmented reality category since 1999, the company maintains offices in Europe (France, Germany and UK), North America and Asia. Total Immersion supports the world’s largest AR Partner network, with a diversified portfolio of over 120 best of breed solution providers worldwide.

Since its inception, Total Immersion has led the industry in AR technology with over 1,000 executed augmented reality solutions for Fortune 500 name brands and organizations and partnerships with the world’s most prominent technology companies including Adobe®, Intel® and KDDI.


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Total Immersion (US)


Augmented Reality Motion Capture with Face Tracking for Real Time Avatar Animation

Our german Partner induce produced a character show for Walibi theme park using D’Fusion Pro to animate in real time the 3d character. Head and body movements are controlled by the operator using face tracking and all the other effects like facial gestures are triggered with the keyboard. 3D character has been grabbed from an existing 3D animated cartoon.

You can enjoy this show for summer time in 3 Walibi parks : Walibi Sud-Ouest and Walibi Rhone-Alpes in France and Walibi Holland in the Netherlands.


Total Immersion’s Partner Perfect Prototype Retells Its Story, Continues Pushing AR’s Potential

Total Immersion’s “founding partner,” Perfect Prototype built a reputation over the years for imagining and engineering smart interactives, and, in recent years, for taking on diverse and challenging applications of augmented reality. As immersive technology becomes smarter, faster, and more complex, the Perfect Prototype team, led by CEO Matt Browning, is exploring more broadly, experimenting more aggressively, and trying harder to be more clever at execution.

The extra effort has paid off in an array of user-driven devices for diverse clients. Consequently, it was time to retell the Perfect Prototype story.

At, exhibitors, marketers, technophiles, and others can discover how we:

· put a heart and a brain in people’s hands using augmented reality;

· integrated six augmented reality illustrations into an executive presentation to 2,500 people;

· helped produce 37 interactive kiosks, including AR, for the new Pittsburgh Penguins stadium; and

· enabled Iowans to arm-wrestle New Yorkers over the internet.

Matt Browning and the team have also been deeply involved in projects related to Microsoft Kinect sensors, visual detection techniques, and iPad, iPhone, and Android apps.

Cartoon Network’s Generator Rex Augmented Reality Nanite Detector Scan: New Version Available!

A new version of Generation Rex Nanite Detector Scanwith more AR characters is now available . You can experience it here.

We take the opportunity of this blog post to share with you some funny videos shared on YouTube.

THQ shows an AR Magic Mirror at E3 2011

THQ had a little surprise on their booth for the lucky ones who attended E3 this year: an AR Magic Mirror!

People waiting in line by the booth had the surprise to see themselves changed into characters from the videogame  “Saints Row 3” which will be released on November 15 or into WWE wrestlers thanks to face tracking.


Imagine That Technologies Introduces Streamline: Quick and Easy Renderings of 3D Models for Online Fitting Rooms

Imagine That launched its new Streamline 3D model creation software at the ARE conference in Santa Clara.

“With the introduction of Streamline we have the ability to offer retailers an efficient way to cost effectively convert their online catalogues to 3D catalogues.” said John Leahy, Imagine That president.  “This set of management and conversion tools will allow users of our online and kiosk fitting room tools to easily convert their existing inventories in online catalogues into full interactive experiences.”

Imagine That launched its Augmented Reality software for garment retailers in January at the NRF Expo in New York City.  The software allows customers to try on clothing in 3D simply through the use of a webcam.  The systems allow retailers to display and mix and match garments and accessories.  Consumers can turn around and see the sides, the back and any other angle as if they were standing in front of a dressing room mirror.

In a store kiosk with a 72-inch screen shoppers can scroll through clothing by waving their hand to choose garments. The magic is that they try them on right there with their clothes on or off.  These interactive online shopping experiences are translating into increased sales and lower returns for the retailers who are using the software.

Imagine That is working with clients in South America, Europe, the US and Canada to implement the software. Imagine That’s first client went live with the software in January 2011.

Imagine That’s fitting room is built on Total Immersion’s Augmented Reality Platform and is developed by immediaC a leading AR software developer from Canada.

Augmented Reality Helps Photomaton to Drive Consumers on Photobooths

Photomaton, leader of photobooth installation in France just launched a brand new Photobooth designed by Philippe Stark. In addition to ID photos, users can take fun pictures and post them on Facebook or Twitter or send them via email, thanks to the 3G connexion. Users can now pose before virtual backgrounds or ad some text to the picture using new interfaces on a wide touch screen, more ergonomic than ever.

Total Immersion provided an Augmented Reality experience on the external screen to attract and engage people as they pass by the photo booth. A camera films people around the booth and when a face is detected, a picture is taken and inserted in a mock-up passport. The first installation displaying the AR experience has been set up in Châtelet on March 16th.

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