Cartoon Network’s Generator Rex Augmented Reality Nanite Detector Scan: New Version Available!

A new version of Generation Rex Nanite Detector Scanwith more AR characters is now available . You can experience it here.

We take the opportunity of this blog post to share with you some funny videos shared on YouTube.

Cartoon Network Takes Augmented Reality with Generator Rex App Across Asia

Cartoon Network is giving kids an unprecedented chance to check if their bodies are hosting nanites – microscopic machines – via a new augmented reality (AR) application created for its awesome new series, Generator Rex.

For the first time ever kids can participate and test themselves for nanites – which in the series have invaded every living being – in two exciting ways. Either log on to the Cartoon Network website or through the Cartoon Network Facebook page to start the scan. Either way, kids can then load the resulting videos on to YouTube or Facebook to share with their friends.

Developed by the world’s pioneer in augmented reality, Total Immersion, the animation used in the AR application is cutting-edge: allowing the user to move close up and away from the computer screen and providing unprecedented 360° views.

Lucien Harrington, Vice-President, Branding & Communications, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. said, “The Generator Rex augmented reality application sets a new standard in how kids can actually become part of the stories and adventures that define Cartoon Network. We are always looking to innovate and find ways that can animate kids’ lives and this ground-breaking initiative delivers on that promise.”

The augmented reality application is available through Cartoon Network’s online destinations in two levels.

“Generator Rex’s web activation has taken the traditional online experience and made it even more exciting. This is great news for kids, fans and collectors of the Cartoon Network property who can now get to see, interact with, and even record movies with, their favorite heroes,” said Philippe de Passorio from Total Immersion.

In Asia Pacific the application is available online now, and is planned to further extend on mobile and on-the-ground over the coming months, to allow viewers the opportunity to experience the technology first hand.

Augmented reality is the term for a camera-enhanced view of a physical real-world environment, where virtual elements are merged with the real-life scene, creating a mixed reality of virtual elements and the real world. Users of Cartoon Network’s application will need a computer, webcam and speakers.

For more exciting Generator Rex adventures, visit and don’t forget to catch the show, weeknights at 6:30pm!

Is your body the host of microscopic machines called nanites? Scan yourself and find out now.

For the January 2011 Asian launch of the new animated television series Generator Rex, Cartoon Network Asia has developed an augmented reality experience based on Total Immersion’s face tracking technology to scan and check if web visitors are hosting nanites like the series’ hero Rex.  For a select few, nanites mutate their hosts into monstrous creatures call E.V.O.s that attack everything in their path. If you don’t want to be the next mutant on Rex’s hit-list, get scanning!”

One year of successful Augmented Reality Project in Mexico

Have a look at latest demo reel coming from our Mexican Partner : Interactive.

2010 was a strong year with successful AR campaigns for brands in Healthcare (Roche, Merck), Entertainment (20th Century Fox, Cartoon Network ) , Automotive (Mercedes, Nissan, Ford), Technology (Sony Ericsson,Blackberry) and CPG (Kellogg’s, Barcel, Absolut…).

No doubt that 2011 will be even more exciting !

On Cartoon Network Toon Cricket Event, Kids are Transformed into their favourite Hero Ben 10

It was a breathtaking sight as over 12,000 cartoon fans packed the Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore to cheer their favourite Toon stars at Cartoon Network’s ‘Toon Cricket-The Ultimate Showdown’ which was held on Sunday, November 28. The Ultimate Hero -Ben 10, captain of the Benultimates team led his team to a resounding victory over Aggregor’s Agressors as he hit the winning shot of four runs in the super over.

Adding to the excitement and experience of the evening was the digital augmented reality applications which had kids participating live in Toon Cricket contest and enjoying games, video and wallpapers on their mobile phones while watching their favourite toons sweat it out on the pitch. Taking the action and fun to the virtual world for the first time, kids present at Toon Cricket got a chance to be just like their favourite hero, Ben 10 through an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) application. The funky AR stall called the ‘Cartoon Network Digital Zone’ at the stadium had kids being clicked wearing the virtual Ultimatrix.

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