German Online Retailer Mister Spex chooses Total Immersion’s TryLive Eyewear Solution for 3D Glasses Fitting

As of now, visitors to the Mister Spex website, the largest online shop in Germany for designer glasses, for the first time can try on glasses in 3D with use of a webcam. The company hopes that buying glasses online will now be even more of shopping experience for the customer.
“A recently carried out market research study has shown us that 80% of people who wear glasses want to see how they look in them” explains Thilo Hardt, founder and Product Manager of Mister Spex. “Our customers are now able to do this with the 3D fitting. Using a webcam, the customer can see a real picture of themselves wearing the glasses in 3D.” The image of the glasses follows the head’s movements so that it is almost like looking in a mirror. The customer can also alter the colour and model of the glasses.

“The development of the 3D fitting is an important step for online retailers. In the future, it will be impossible to imagine the industry without this technology” says Hardt. Mister Spex launched the virtual fitting tool in conjunction with the French firm Total Immersion, who are the international leaders in the development of augmented reality applications. With this kind of fitting, the online optician is one of the forerunners in e-commerce innovation, as up until now, similar applications have not been very widely used.

A beta version of the “virtual mirror” is available on the Mister Spex homepage with a few sunglasses models. However, in the coming weeks around 700 glasses and sunglasses styles will be available in 3D. Eventually, the website’s online fitting will be entirely converted to 3D. Those who do not have a webcam however can try glasses on using a passport photo, without the 3D effect.

To see the beta version of the 3D online fitting tool from Mister Spex:

About Mister Spex:
Mister Spex GmbH is the largest online-based designer glasses company in Germany. Through the internet, the company offers an extensive range of high quality prescription glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses and contact lenses at competitive prices.

In 2010 Mister Spex had a turnover of around 11 million Euros. Since the opening of the online shop in April 2008, Mister Spex has managed to attract more than 200,000 customers. The young and fast growing company currently employs 120 staff at its head office in Berlin, 80 of them permanent.

Japan Discovers Augmented Reality Virtual Trying on Glasses with Zoff Mirror

Total Immersion Asia and it’s partner DAC just delivered Zoff Mirror, a brand new E-commerce Application to try, share on social media and buy eyewear.

You can experience it online.

Zoo&Co’s Augmented Reality Online Mirror for Swimsuits is Magic

Users Anywhere Can Try on Hundreds of Bathing Suits in Less Than Five Minutes with AR Virtual Fitting Room.

Shoppers are loving the world’s first online 3D fitting room at Zoo&Co.  The web-based shopping experience lets users try on bathing suits in the comfort of their own home, with just a webcam.

The online fitting room lets users see themselves in bathing suits online without the need to remove their clothes.  A process called Augmented Reality lets users stand in front of their webcam and see themselves on the screen with a bathing suit projected onto their body.

The software was created by Imagine That using Total Immersion’s Augmented Reality engine. “This is game-changing technology that allows the online shopper to be part of the online shopping experience in whole new way,” said Debra Fraser, Imagine That CEO. Marine De Niger, of Paris-based Zoo&Co, said, “We are very excited about the fitting room’s social media integration that allows our online customers to visit our site to try on bathing suits and shop with their friends using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”

“Forward-thinking companies like Zoo&Co are taking advantage of Augmented Reality as a tool that can be used to drive sales, providing customers with an engaging and personal shopping experience in their own home,” said John Leahy, Imagine That president.  Imagine That is rolling out the online fitting room products to retailers in North America this summer.

Built on Total Immersion’s patented D’Fusion® platform Imagine That’s Your Fitting Room provides its clients with a wide array of reporting and analytics that provide details about what products visitors try on and how much time they spend with each garment.

Your Fitting Room lets online shoppers, who have a web cam and an Internet connection, see the clothing on themselves.  It builds confidence with the consumer in purchase decisions, it increases online sales conversion, with “high-touch” products that traditionally require tactile, experiential cues in order for the consumer to be comfortable with the purchase decision. “Marketing today is less about promising benefits, it delivers them.  This is correlative with the difference in saying you are funny versus just being funny.  Imagine That’s 3D Fitting Room does just that – it provides an evocative, sensory experience where the consumer is entirely immersed in the brand on their own terms.” said Greg Davis, General Manager, Total Immersion.

About Imagine That Imagine That develops solutions for retailers and fashion designers that enhance customer experiences and drive sales online and in-store. Their state-of-the-art Augmented Reality Virtual Fitting Room is the first of its kind in the world and provides a sophisticated experience for online shoppers allowing them to see themselves in a 360-degree view of garments and other clothing.

Media Contact:
John Leahy, 902-830-2032
Debra Fraser, 902-499-7972  

About Zoo&Co Zoo&Co is a Paris-based company with a brand of beach wear that has international character, thought and is realized by a Parisian stylist team united by the same desire. Their collections are produced with one goal, emphasize the body of a woman by making them look elegant and glamorous. Their collection offers customers numerous choices of cuts and colors. They also provide a number of exclusive ways to personalize the shopping experience.  

About Total Immersion Total Immersion is the global leader in Augmented Reality. Through its patented D’Fusion® technology, Total Immersion blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream. Leading the Augmented Reality category since 1999, the company maintains offices in Europe (France and UK), Asia and North America. Total Immersion supports the world’s largest AR Partner network, with a diversified portfolio of best-of-breed solutions providers worldwide. .

Meet and Greet @ Online Marketing and E-Commerce Expo in Madrid (March 16th-17th)

OMExpo and E-Commerce Madrid focuses on the intensive exchange between advertising firms, agencies and professionals of the digital sector. The exhibition is aimed toward those economic sectors which already use digital advertising. Furthermore it’s aimed at the sectors and their relevant marketing executives that are not involved in digital marketing, yet.

Visit our booth #E63 to discover our latest live demo and business cases or join our conference “How can Augmented Reality boost E-commerce Sales” animated by Guiomar Andrade, Head of South Europe Sales taking place March 16th at 4:50 pm.

If you plan to visit the show contact us by mail or phone +34 91 503 02 93 for an appointment!

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AR Immersion 2010 Video: Retail & E-Commerce

Sonya Rosas (Digital Out of Home Strategist, IPG Emerging Media Lab), Mike Marcinkowski (Senior Engineer, Gillette, P&G), John Leahy (CEO, ImmediaC), Michael Wharton (CEO, YOUReality) and Max Polisar (VP Sales, Total Immersion) speak at the Retail & E-Commerce panel at AR Immersion 2010 conference, November 9, Los Angeles, CA.


For more videos from AR Immersion, visit Total Immersion’s AR Immersion 2010 YouTube Channel.


immediaC outfits Innovative Virtual Dressing Room

It’s now possible for just about anyone to try AR on for size.  Literally.

Total Immersion this week welcomed another Certified D’Fusion Value-Added Reseller to its North American Partner network, the world’s largest network dedicated to AR.  The latest member — immediaC, from Halifax, Nova Scotia – has just unveiled its marquee augmented reality platform: a virtual dressing room that enables consumers to find – and try on — the right virtual garment before they buy the real thing:

In addition to supporting e-commerce in the apparel sector, the immediaC AR platform can be adapted for various other applications, including gaming, simulation, and virtually any other experience that brings participants into the merged experience through gestures and motions.  The company is currently in discussions with national retailers.

“Our virtual dressing room platform is unique, and because it is, we’ve chosen to build it on D’Fusion, the gold standard in augmented reality and the world’s most widely used AR solution,” said John Leahy, immediaC founder and CEO.  “Deployed on this technology, our platform is a boon for retailers — a powerful new sales tool that dramatically speeds the fitting process and engages as it sells.”

”immediaC’s virtual dressing room platform is both highly useful and fun – and once again, demonstrates how versatile augmented reality can be,” said Greg Davis, General Manager, NA, Total Immersion.  “It’s exciting to see AR evolve through practical, innovative solutions.  Our Partner Network empowers creative, technically savvy agencies like immediaC to provide their unique spin on AR.  The network supports an increasingly diverse range of partners, across industries and disciplines – all showing what this new human interface can really do. “

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