TV Magazine Télé 7 Jours in AR again with a new 3D cover on a famous French soap

Just one year after launching the first AR print experience in Europe, featuring the legendary french singer Johnny Halliday (see video – in french – here), the weekly magazine Télé 7 jours released a new AR cover earlier this month. The 3D experience is all about exclusive contents from the daily TV series « Plus Belle la Vie ».

Give it a try! You can print the cover here and download the application here for PCs  and there for Macs.

Bouygues Telecom Augmented Reality Brochure to Experience Latest Smartphones Functions

French operator Bouygues Telecom has added an augmented reality feature to the smartphone purchasing guide available at its points of sale.



The new 3D technology allows customers to test and discover the functions of new smartphones, divided into two categories by level of complexity: “smartphones” : Acer Liquid Mini and Samsung Galaxy 551 and “premium smartphones” : Sony Xperia ARC and Samsung Galaxy S. Customers can also test various apps, including social networks such as Facebook on Android handsets.

Users must go to, start up their webcam and place the printed page of the 3D guide in front of it. The chosen smartphone will be viewed in 3D as if it were coming out of the page. The point of sale guide is available at the operator’s 630 Clubs Bouygues Telecom stores and as a download from its website :

Dorling Kindersley’s New 3-D Augmented Reality Pop Up Human Body & Dinosaur Books

Watch how DK’s new 3-D Pop Up Human Body & Dinosaur books work – by using a PC and web-cam you can activate special augmented reality animations of dinosaurs and the human body to make characters from the page pop-up on screen.

Mercedes Benz Italia augments its Winter Collection Brochure with an Augmented Reality Iphone App

OnScreen Communication, the Italian communication agency Augmented Reality solutions developer,  just released a augmented reality Iphone application for Mercedes-Benz Italia.

This app promotes the Mercedes-Benz winter collection brochure through interactions, superimposing  virtual contents on the pages with the AR logo.

You can download this  application on the App Store : Mercedes-Benz Touch Experience.

Carlton Kids gave Free Christmas Augmented Reality Demo to Metro UK Readers

For Christmas 2010, Ask Santa Claus for Augmented Gifts !

This is the first part of our selection of great Christmas Gift featuring Total Immersion’s Augmented Reality technology.

Nathan Interactive Book : Dokéo+ with Dokito

This book developed and designed for kids between 2 and 5 years old proposes funny interactions with a dedicated character : Dokito.

Hachette Parlour Game : “La Boite à Enigmes Junior”

It’s a 2 to 12 players game based on riddles. You have 100 differents riddles to solve in which 10 propose Augmented Reality Experiences.

Nathan Cards Sets : Dokéo Augmented Reality Cards

5 sets of cards designed for kids featuring Augmented Reality Experience to better understand Geography, Science, History and Physical Science !

Artoons : Augmented Reality T-Shirts for kids !

4 differents Augmented T-Shirts especially designed for kids between 2 and 5. More information here.

AR Immersion 2010: Summary: Augmented Reality in Print

Andrew Pang (Managing Director, Leovation Ltd), Ruben Padilla (Managing Director, Augmented CPG) and Greg Davis (General Manager, Total Immersion) gathered to discuss uses of AR in packaging and publishing.

Davis began with an overview of AR as a vehicle to bring interactivity to traditional print media. A core premise of printed communication is storytelling, “the art of using language, vocalization, and/or physical movement and gesture to reveal the elements and images of a story to a specific, live audience” (National Storytelling Association). Broadly speaking, the areas of printed communication fall within news, leisure content, and printed packaging.  Some of these will experience a more significant digital shift, while others will retain a tactile, digitally-enhanced traditional experience. Davis showed a few sample projects produced by Total Immersion and its Partners, including educational products and InStyle Magazine.

Padilla discussed the benefits of augmented reality in helping CPG companies both differentiate from competition and communicate information digitally with the durable product. With a limited amount of space available on packaging and shelf hangtags, augmented reality increases the amount of messaging that could be conveyed in-store. With 30,000 new products launched in the US annually, it is imperative for brands to stand out. In the fast moving CPG space, packaging has evolved into the most prevalent communication tool, or as Padilla stated, “Packaging is the product and the product is packaging”. In this respect, AR also helps CPG companies overcome the data gap at retail. As retailers can view and analyze sales data before manufacturers, they have the opportunity to remove a successful product from a shelf and replace it with a private label good. AR steps in as a way to add value and de-commoditize a product, shifting the balance of power at retail.

Pang laid to rest fears that the print industry will disappear, demonstrating how Leovation creates synergy between the print and digital realms, and showing how in the future there will be a greater push for cross platform applications including mobile. Leovation has launched AR books in 17 countries and 15 languages, and its clients include the Disney Channel and Disneyland in Hong Kong. They recently worked with Ariux to create over 120 webcam cards. Over 2 million of the traditional-plus-AR cards were sold, commanding a $1 premium over traditional greeting cards, with a nearly 50% conversion rate of buyers of the card to the AR experience.

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