Scirocco Cup Campaign won Bronze Media Lions “Best Use of Print”

The Cannes Lions Festival is the world’s only truly global meeting place for creative professionals in the communications industry. Augmented Reality Scirocco Cup Campaign won Bronze Media Lions for “Best Use of Print”. Congrats to  Ogilvy Beijing. More info here.

Results and Effectiveness:

From these insertions came over 900,000 page views, over 200,000 unique visitors and over 50,000 virtually racing on the Scirocco Cup tracks. In addition, huge buzz over the racing game turned into over 52,000 registering for the Scirocco Camp which was a few more than VW could accommodate, but enthusiasm for the race and the Scirocco itself had been attained. Over 7% of the virtual racers signed up for test drives making 2010 VW’s best year ever for Scirocco sales. For VW, it supported (and leveraged) the fun, active, tech-advanced attributes which are so important to the brand.

Creative Execution:

A flap/insert on the outside of magazines led the reader to a print ad about the event. The flap turned out to be a racing wheel to be used in the Scirocco Cup 2010 Augmented Reality race that was as near as their computer. The instant racers chose from the 7 tracks that the professional Scirocco Cup races would take place on around the country. Since Scirocco is really a product that attracts young trendsetter and car enthusiasts with a love for modern technology, this creative execution engaged them on multiple levels: speed, competition, new gadgetry, and as an adrenaline-pumping experience, either alone or with friends.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea:

As the Scirocco Cup Professional Racing Circuit was coming to China, VW wanted to build excitement for the events, and also use the events to leverage their 2010 Scirocco. Since few people from their target were able to attend the races (or even see them on TV as they were not televised) VW wanted to bring the excitement of the racing experience to people.

Our Partner Network in Asia, Stronger than Ever!

A year and a half after the opening of our Asian subsidiary, we are glad to see that D’fusion solutions are considered as the state of the art of Augmented Reality in Asia. All 5 case studies published on the blog Penn Olson (the Asian Tech Catalog) feature realizations by our Asian offices and our partners in Asia.

Two of the awarded projects were lead by our partner AR&co in Indonesia: the Toyota Yaris cross media campaign and the Kompass AR Newspaper project.

The Pringles Campaign, developed in China by Axis 3D and Total Immersion was also distinguised for the uniqueness of the interface using the packaging to control a football player.

Also featured is our Singaporean partner XXX Studio, who delivered an inspiring AR presentation for Bill Chang, EVP of the Business Group of SingTel last September.

Last but not least, Ya de Li Technology, our partner in Taïwan, was awarded for the Citizen Watches Augmented Reality Fitting Room released last month.

More than ever, we are very proud of our partner network!

BAE’s aircrafts in AR attract crowds at a festival in Saudi Arabia

BAE Systems showcases aircrafts using Augmented Reality at Al Janadriyah 2011 (until April 29).

Al Janadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival highlights some of the most exquisite samples of arts and crafts of Saudi Arabia. The festival, in its 26th edition, kicks off with a camel race, performances of the folklore troupes, and recitations by famous literary figures. The festival draws more than one million visitors every year.

Magna partnered with Axis 3Dfor this project. Magna is a Saudi digital agency specializing in new technologies that have significant potential in B2C and B2B marketing. Magna has accumulated knowledge and partnerships allowing her to offer  market-leading experiences in the hottest technologies including Augmented Reality. Their latest AR work include projects on the Nokia E7, the BAE Typhoon, Saudia Ketchup and a Lipton Facebook game.

Volkswagen’s Augmented Reality racing experience to promote Vee Dub race series

As the first manufacturer in China to host a professional racing event, Volkswagen needed to build excitement for its series and the racing camp that would followed by sparking interest amongst car enthusiasts. Working with Ogilvy Beijing, the brand placed inserts into one of China’s most popular car magazines that were shaped like the steering wheel from the car, and invited readers to take part in the 2010 Scirocco Cup Augmented Reality Challenge.

After heading over to, players could hold up the insert to their webcam and take control of a Scirocco race car, dictating left to right movement on screen by turning the wheel shaped maker.

Just like regular car games, players could change car colour, choose from one of 7 tracks that were digital versions of the tracks competed on in the actual series by the pro drivers.

Doug Schiff, ECD at the agency told Contagious: ‘The idea was to get Scirocco lovers and car race lovers juiced up about both car and Cup. And as the Scirocco Cup was fairly heavily promoted, we wanted to get the AR experience as close as possible to the real thing, hence the chance to choose the tracks that the pros were racing on.’

Augemented Reality wizards and Contagious regulars Total Immersion worked with China-based creative partner Axis3D to create the on screen magic, which they claim to be the most advanced car racing game in the AR industry.

Schiff added: ‘The AR experience was very true-to-life, and the entry into the whole experience was unique as the AR racing wheel was distributed as an insert attached within a print ad for the Cup in car enthusiasts’ magazines. Over 50,000 couldn’t resist playing it, and 52,000 registered for the Scirocco Camp, far exceeding the client’s expectations.

Source : Contagious Magazine

Volkswagen Scirocco Cup China : the Most Advanced Augmented Reality Car Racing Game

Have a look at this wonderful project performed by creative partner Axis3D and augmented by Total Immersion. This experience done for Volkswagen’s Scirocco Cup 2010 in China presents the most advanced car racing game in the AR industry.

You can experience it here.

Interactive Augmented Reality Attractions in Expo 2010 Shanghai China

Come and Experience Augmented Reality in Shanghai Expo 2010 !

Total Immersion delivers a interactive experience mixing face-tracking and movement detection for Sanofi-Aventis booth in French Pavillon.

Axis3D, chinese partner of Total Immersion, develops a unique face-tracking application that you can experience in Chinese Pavillon.

To be continued… !

Digital Marketing : Lenovo ThinkPad Promotion for Students in China powered by Total Immersion

Chinese partner Axis3D Technology unveils first AR campaign in China for Lenovo Thinkpad.
The main purpose of this project is using AR technology to promote Lenovo ThinkPad. The user has to gather as much “toy eggs” as he/she can to get the buying discount. The contents of the AR showing the features of ThinkPad, such as waterproof keyboard, ThinkVantage® Active Protection System™ and Rescue and Recovery system.
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