Our Partner Network in Asia, Stronger than Ever!

A year and a half after the opening of our Asian subsidiary, we are glad to see that D’fusion solutions are considered as the state of the art of Augmented Reality in Asia. All 5 case studies published on the blog Penn Olson (the Asian Tech Catalog) feature realizations by our Asian offices and our partners in Asia.

Two of the awarded projects were lead by our partner AR&co in Indonesia: the Toyota Yaris cross media campaign and the Kompass AR Newspaper project.

The Pringles Campaign, developed in China by Axis 3D and Total Immersion was also distinguised for the uniqueness of the interface using the packaging to control a football player.

Also featured is our Singaporean partner XXX Studio, who delivered an inspiring AR presentation for Bill Chang, EVP of the Business Group of SingTel last September.

Last but not least, Ya de Li Technology, our partner in Taïwan, was awarded for the Citizen Watches Augmented Reality Fitting Room released last month.

More than ever, we are very proud of our partner network!

Total Immersion’s Partner Success Story : Demo Reel of AR&Co in Indonesia

Have a look at this video showcasing all projects performed in one year by our indonesian partner : AR&Co.

AR&Co Cross Media Campaign for Toyota Yaris in Indonesia

Total Immersion’s Indonesian partner AR&Co presented a cross media campaign for new Toyota Yaris in Indonesia. This campaign featured interactive kiosk in 18th Indonesia International Motor Show and AR advertising on Kompass newspaper.

Augmented Reality & Co (AR&Co) is the first and leading markerless augmented reality company in South East Asia. Based in Jakarta (Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Brunei Darrusalam. AR&Co has become the most successful AR application creator and distributor in the region with a strong partnership with Total Immersion.

Meet and Greet @ IAAPA’s Asian Attraction Expo this week in Kuala Lumpur

AR&Co launched largest Augmented Reality Program on Indonesian Newspaper

Kompas as Indonesia leading newspaper company is in partnership with AR & Co to create a new reading experience to all readers nationwide by using augmented reality technology.

Total Immersion’s partner in Indonesia, AR & Co and Kompas has launched Kompas AR, Asia first markerless augmented reality newspaper.
First AR advertising has been made for Polygone Bicycles featuring one product.

More information about this program on official website.

Retail : Innovative Tea Packaging completed by AugmentedReality&Co for Sosro Heritage

AugmentedReality&Co and Total Immersion have just launched The Amazing Stories of Indonesia trough Sosro Heritage Packaging. Discover The Wonders of Kecak Dance “Bali”, Borobudur Temple “Central Java” and Bunaken National Marine Park “North Sulawesi”…

Kiosks were installed in point of sales through Indonesia.

Broadcasted Event : New Identity Launch of Telkom Indonesia is Worldwide Biggest Audience for an AR Event

Total Immersion’s Indonesian Partner Augmented Reality & Co organised an AR Broadcasted Event for the reveal of new Telkom Indonesia’s New Corporate Identity. The event was broadcasted in live on Trans TV Channel. Mr Rinaldi Firmansyah, President Director of Telkom Indonesia, unveiled new corporate logo.

More than 20 millions viewers were in front of their TV for this unique event. This is the largest audience for an AR event in the world !

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