Volkswagen’s Augmented Reality racing experience to promote Vee Dub race series

As the first manufacturer in China to host a professional racing event, Volkswagen needed to build excitement for its series and the racing camp that would followed by sparking interest amongst car enthusiasts. Working with Ogilvy Beijing, the brand placed inserts into one of China’s most popular car magazines that were shaped like the steering wheel from the car, and invited readers to take part in the 2010 Scirocco Cup Augmented Reality Challenge.

After heading over to, players could hold up the insert to their webcam and take control of a Scirocco race car, dictating left to right movement on screen by turning the wheel shaped maker.

Just like regular car games, players could change car colour, choose from one of 7 tracks that were digital versions of the tracks competed on in the actual series by the pro drivers.

Doug Schiff, ECD at the agency told Contagious: ‘The idea was to get Scirocco lovers and car race lovers juiced up about both car and Cup. And as the Scirocco Cup was fairly heavily promoted, we wanted to get the AR experience as close as possible to the real thing, hence the chance to choose the tracks that the pros were racing on.’

Augemented Reality wizards and Contagious regulars Total Immersion worked with China-based creative partner Axis3D to create the on screen magic, which they claim to be the most advanced car racing game in the AR industry.

Schiff added: ‘The AR experience was very true-to-life, and the entry into the whole experience was unique as the AR racing wheel was distributed as an insert attached within a print ad for the Cup in car enthusiasts’ magazines. Over 50,000 couldn’t resist playing it, and 52,000 registered for the Scirocco Camp, far exceeding the client’s expectations.

Source : Contagious Magazine

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