Win an Ipad with Clic&Spot : the new pimple-killer advergame in Augmented Reality!

As part of the launch of its public portal, Clic&Gain, the company specialised in Games & Entertainment Communication organises an original and quirky game-competition in Augmented Reality. This game is based on Face Tracking Augmented Reality from Total Immersion.

It is an example of the type of offers Clic&Gain proposes on their platform to publishers and advertisers for fun and ludic communication campaigns. It has been developed in line of the strict specifications in compliance with current standards such as short format; casual, 4 different levels of difficulties.



Any publisher can join the programme “fun network” Clic&Gain and beneficiate free of charge from an acquisition animation tool, leveraging loyalty in a simple, shared cooperative manner. Advertisers are also able to communicate through pre-roll advertising using an existing game or through a dedicated advergame. This fun tool generates a real impact and shows true engagement towards the internet user. The real asset for the end user comes from a web browsing enhanced by game playing and gift winning.

The general public portal is a turnkey solution proposed by Clic&Gain to their partners as a link for their communication campaigns.

Clic&Gain is a company specialised in the creation of fun & game contents enhancing enterprises’ communication campaigns. It also offers a mean to network & broadcast games with an acquisition tool for publishers to secure customers loyalty and for advertisers to communicate through an original, fun and interactive tool.

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