TI on the BBC: Augmented reality goes beyond gimmicks for business

Myles Peyton, our Sales Director in the UK, has been interviewed on the BBC earlier this month.

According to Myles, AR’s added value lies in its ability to let consumers interact with products that are fully and accurately modelled in the virtual world. “We know that the longer somebody touches a product, the more likely they are to purchase that product. So by giving them a virtual product, it can drive and uplift sales.”

Online Augmented Reality Lottery on CPG Packaging for Osem by TI partner Ogmentix

Osem, one of the biggest Israeli food companies, chose to create an Augmented Reality campaign on the internet. Total Immersion‘s partner Ogmentix, which specializes in Augmented Reality, has been selected to develop the project using the best technology available in the market. Customers who bought on-the-go meals, could, for the first time ever, participate in a real-time lottery in the internet using Augmented Reality. All that was needed was regular PC, web camera, and of course, a meal package. After entering the lottery code, customers held the package in front of the camera, and a magical augmented reality effect takes place. Animations, videos and special effects instantly appeared indicating whether it’s a winning or not. In another fun scene, one could watch standup comedy clips in Augmented Reality, while the comedian appeared in a virtual room that was hovering in the real world. By shaking the meal you could switch to the next clip.

AR Immersion 2010: Summary: Augmented Reality in Print

Andrew Pang (Managing Director, Leovation Ltd), Ruben Padilla (Managing Director, Augmented CPG) and Greg Davis (General Manager, Total Immersion) gathered to discuss uses of AR in packaging and publishing.

Davis began with an overview of AR as a vehicle to bring interactivity to traditional print media. A core premise of printed communication is storytelling, “the art of using language, vocalization, and/or physical movement and gesture to reveal the elements and images of a story to a specific, live audience” (National Storytelling Association). Broadly speaking, the areas of printed communication fall within news, leisure content, and printed packaging.  Some of these will experience a more significant digital shift, while others will retain a tactile, digitally-enhanced traditional experience. Davis showed a few sample projects produced by Total Immersion and its Partners, including educational products and InStyle Magazine.

Padilla discussed the benefits of augmented reality in helping CPG companies both differentiate from competition and communicate information digitally with the durable product. With a limited amount of space available on packaging and shelf hangtags, augmented reality increases the amount of messaging that could be conveyed in-store. With 30,000 new products launched in the US annually, it is imperative for brands to stand out. In the fast moving CPG space, packaging has evolved into the most prevalent communication tool, or as Padilla stated, “Packaging is the product and the product is packaging”. In this respect, AR also helps CPG companies overcome the data gap at retail. As retailers can view and analyze sales data before manufacturers, they have the opportunity to remove a successful product from a shelf and replace it with a private label good. AR steps in as a way to add value and de-commoditize a product, shifting the balance of power at retail.

Pang laid to rest fears that the print industry will disappear, demonstrating how Leovation creates synergy between the print and digital realms, and showing how in the future there will be a greater push for cross platform applications including mobile. Leovation has launched AR books in 17 countries and 15 languages, and its clients include the Disney Channel and Disneyland in Hong Kong. They recently worked with Ariux to create over 120 webcam cards. Over 2 million of the traditional-plus-AR cards were sold, commanding a $1 premium over traditional greeting cards, with a nearly 50% conversion rate of buyers of the card to the AR experience.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Harry Potter in Augmented Reality on Videogame Boxes

Total Immersion developed a worldwide Augmented Reality Experience on Video game Boxes for EA latest hit Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : The Videogame.

See how the augmented reality from the video game box art works!

More to come soon…

Blog Review : Campaign Brief Asia : JWT Indonesia behind new interactive campaign for Indofood’s Pop Mie’s new pack

Have a look at this article : Campaign Brief Asia

To coincide with the re-launch of Pop Mie’s new instant noodle packaging, JWT Indonesia has created a fully integrated campaign, ‘Pop Up Your Life,’ that includes an online-offline crossover inviting consumers to appear in upcoming TVCs. According to the agency this is the first time this user face embedded TVC has ever been done in Indonesia.

Through above the line channels people are invited to visit www.popupyourlife.com, a playground of features, welcoming viewers to participate in numerous ways including an augmented reality game using the new Pop Mie package as well as a section for uploading your photos to be embedded into three different Pop Mie TVCs. Once uploaded, these photo-embedded TVCs can be shared on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The campaign will come full circle when, for each version of the TVC, five people will be chosen to be aired on national TV with their ‘winning faces’ appearing in the commercials. The first TVC will be aired in November, followed by the next two spots rolling out in December and January.

Ivan Hady Wibowo, Executive Creative Director, JWT Indonesia states, “The campaign is a first for Indonesia in exploring this type of interaction with ‘new media’ and we are proud to be pioneering it in the market. We are very fortunate to have a client who believes in and champions new ideas like this.”

“It’s very encouraging to see the response the campaign is receiving–over 10,000 people are participating every day, and it’s becoming a hot topic on Twitter,” says Evelyn Atmaja, GM Sales and Marketing, Indofood Sukses Makmur. “The campaign reflects the lifestyle of Pop Mie’s 20-something audience, speaking directly to them; which is why we’re seeing such an overwhelming response.”

JWT won the Indofood Pop Mie account back in May of this year. Pop Mie is the leader in the cup noodle segment in Indonesia.

Executive Creative Director: Ivan Hady Wibowo
Associate Creative Director: Pingkan Rarumangkay
Interactive Designer: Tirza Natadisastra
Art Director: Sonny Tjahyadiputra, Pasha Yudadibrata
Copywriter: Wirastomo Hadi, Ernest Wiyanto
Planner: Nadya Perwitasari
Producer: Nina Rakhmatika
Account Executive: Asrita Tjahja
Production Company: Kemistry and Cherrypicks

Interactive unveils an Advergame on Packaging for Kellogg’s Choco Krispis in Mexico

Our mexican partner Interactive just delivered an AR experience based on Kellogg’s Choco Kripis packaging.

The primary objective of this application is to transform an special edition cereal box into some sort of ”interactive joystick” that you use to play the online gaming experience.

The experience provides with, at least, 2 minutes of brand exposure every time it is played. You get the option to play with four different characters (Nanobots), so the brand exposure can escalate up to 10-12 minutes. This campaign uses the product’s packaging in an AR Advergaming with MLT technology. In this case, the cereal box works as an effective call to action; inviting the consumers into living the online advergaming experience.

Expert Review Bruno Uzzan : “Augmented Reality Boosts Printing”

Linked to print, it makes an immediate impression, with visits that can be documented.

By Bruno Uzzan CEO of Total Immersion — Graphic Arts Online

Augmented reality (AR) has been in the consumer mainstream for less than a year, but the technology has been around for considerably longer. Enabling Web-based AR has quickly opened up an enormous array of digital marketing applications. Digital marketing is the very visible tip of the iceberg, but below that water line, there’s a vast array of applications—many of them transformative—that are poised for development, tied closely to printing.

AR is a trend, not a gimmick. As some forward-looking brands have demonstrated, it’s nothing less than a new human interface, a new paradigm that encompasses anything digital or virtual that “crosses over” into your real environment. As such, this begins to define a new type of interactive, sensory engagement.

Analyst Christine Perey, principal of Perey Research & Consulting, recently described the trend in this way: “Augmented reality is a way of mixing digital information and the real world in a highly interactive manner and, though in its infancy, it is already proving to be useful.” more

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