Imagine That Technologies Introduces Streamline: Quick and Easy Renderings of 3D Models for Online Fitting Rooms

Imagine That launched its new Streamline 3D model creation software at the ARE conference in Santa Clara.

“With the introduction of Streamline we have the ability to offer retailers an efficient way to cost effectively convert their online catalogues to 3D catalogues.” said John Leahy, Imagine That president.  “This set of management and conversion tools will allow users of our online and kiosk fitting room tools to easily convert their existing inventories in online catalogues into full interactive experiences.”

Imagine That launched its Augmented Reality software for garment retailers in January at the NRF Expo in New York City.  The software allows customers to try on clothing in 3D simply through the use of a webcam.  The systems allow retailers to display and mix and match garments and accessories.  Consumers can turn around and see the sides, the back and any other angle as if they were standing in front of a dressing room mirror.

In a store kiosk with a 72-inch screen shoppers can scroll through clothing by waving their hand to choose garments. The magic is that they try them on right there with their clothes on or off.  These interactive online shopping experiences are translating into increased sales and lower returns for the retailers who are using the software.

Imagine That is working with clients in South America, Europe, the US and Canada to implement the software. Imagine That’s first client went live with the software in January 2011.

Imagine That’s fitting room is built on Total Immersion’s Augmented Reality Platform and is developed by immediaC a leading AR software developer from Canada.

Japan Discovers Augmented Reality Virtual Trying on Glasses with Zoff Mirror

Total Immersion Asia and it’s partner DAC just delivered Zoff Mirror, a brand new E-commerce Application to try, share on social media and buy eyewear.

You can experience it online.

Zoo&Co’s Augmented Reality Online Mirror for Swimsuits is Magic

Users Anywhere Can Try on Hundreds of Bathing Suits in Less Than Five Minutes with AR Virtual Fitting Room.

Shoppers are loving the world’s first online 3D fitting room at Zoo&Co.  The web-based shopping experience lets users try on bathing suits in the comfort of their own home, with just a webcam.

The online fitting room lets users see themselves in bathing suits online without the need to remove their clothes.  A process called Augmented Reality lets users stand in front of their webcam and see themselves on the screen with a bathing suit projected onto their body.

The software was created by Imagine That using Total Immersion’s Augmented Reality engine. “This is game-changing technology that allows the online shopper to be part of the online shopping experience in whole new way,” said Debra Fraser, Imagine That CEO. Marine De Niger, of Paris-based Zoo&Co, said, “We are very excited about the fitting room’s social media integration that allows our online customers to visit our site to try on bathing suits and shop with their friends using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”

“Forward-thinking companies like Zoo&Co are taking advantage of Augmented Reality as a tool that can be used to drive sales, providing customers with an engaging and personal shopping experience in their own home,” said John Leahy, Imagine That president.  Imagine That is rolling out the online fitting room products to retailers in North America this summer.

Built on Total Immersion’s patented D’Fusion® platform Imagine That’s Your Fitting Room provides its clients with a wide array of reporting and analytics that provide details about what products visitors try on and how much time they spend with each garment.

Your Fitting Room lets online shoppers, who have a web cam and an Internet connection, see the clothing on themselves.  It builds confidence with the consumer in purchase decisions, it increases online sales conversion, with “high-touch” products that traditionally require tactile, experiential cues in order for the consumer to be comfortable with the purchase decision. “Marketing today is less about promising benefits, it delivers them.  This is correlative with the difference in saying you are funny versus just being funny.  Imagine That’s 3D Fitting Room does just that – it provides an evocative, sensory experience where the consumer is entirely immersed in the brand on their own terms.” said Greg Davis, General Manager, Total Immersion.

About Imagine That Imagine That develops solutions for retailers and fashion designers that enhance customer experiences and drive sales online and in-store. Their state-of-the-art Augmented Reality Virtual Fitting Room is the first of its kind in the world and provides a sophisticated experience for online shoppers allowing them to see themselves in a 360-degree view of garments and other clothing.

Media Contact:
John Leahy, 902-830-2032
Debra Fraser, 902-499-7972  

About Zoo&Co Zoo&Co is a Paris-based company with a brand of beach wear that has international character, thought and is realized by a Parisian stylist team united by the same desire. Their collections are produced with one goal, emphasize the body of a woman by making them look elegant and glamorous. Their collection offers customers numerous choices of cuts and colors. They also provide a number of exclusive ways to personalize the shopping experience.  

About Total Immersion Total Immersion is the global leader in Augmented Reality. Through its patented D’Fusion® technology, Total Immersion blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream. Leading the Augmented Reality category since 1999, the company maintains offices in Europe (France and UK), Asia and North America. Total Immersion supports the world’s largest AR Partner network, with a diversified portfolio of best-of-breed solutions providers worldwide. .

In Store and Online Augmented Fitting Room to Try Citizen Watches

Total Immersion’s Partner in Taiwan, Ya de Li Technology developed an Augmented Reality Fitting Room for Citizen Watches. Experience was deployed online and in major department stores during Chinese New Year. Communication on the AR Experience has been supported by GQ Magazine.
After 2 weeks more than 36.000 people experienced the Virtual Watches and 3.000 shared pictures on Facebook.
You can experience it on-line.

Blog Review : Financial Times “Next big trend: virtual fitting rooms”

Have a look at this article : Financial Times

So there you are, sitting in front of your laptop at home and you see a watch you like. “I wonder how that would look on my wrist?” you wonder. Then you print out a little piece of paper embedded with a barcode, wrap it around your arm and hold it up to a camera on your computer and, bingo, there is your arm, adorned with a virtual watch. You can turn it this way and that, decide how chunky is too chunky, and whether stainless steel is better against your skin than rose gold.

Welcome to augmented reality (AR), also known as interactive video technology, which is set to transform the consumer experience. “It’s the next step in creating a seamless experience for the consumer at home, closing the gap between the store and online shopping,” says Chris Sanderson, co-founder of Future Laboratory, a trends prediction agency. [more]

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