Total Immersion welcomes new partner in Malysia : Pristine Creation!

Pristine Creation started in year 2005 in Penang and set up by Phileas & Kristine, husband and wife team who proof to market of its capabilities. The company started in business card display media business and ventured into advertisng agency creative industry in year 2009. With 6 years experience in northern region market, we are able to provides our customers total solutions in advertising activities with prompt and on time delivery. Our team specialized in provides creative solution on variety media such as video production, prints media and outdoor billboard advertising.

Pristine Creation was also as “I Love Penang Brand” event organiser in year 2008. Our vision is to set up a digital base production house in order to support creative industry in local and nationwide market with a dream called “Design Factory”.

Total Immersion welcomes new partner in Trinidad and Tobago : Tri Axis Animation!

Tri Axis Animation is located in Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Our studio creates animations for architectural visualizations, broadcast and motion graphics while specializing in 3D.

We Believe that each job should be approached with attention to detail and quality. It is our studio’s objective to bring to reality our clients concepts and visions in all jobs endeavored.


Businesslike and Total Immersion partnership as Cover Story in MarketingWeek Greece

Our partnership with Businesslike in Greece is the cover story in MarketingWeek magazine. Clic on image to read the report.

Total Immersion welcomes new partner in Brazil : Squartz Technologies!

Squartz Technologies is the first company in Brazil acting exclusively with Augmented Reality solutions.
Through innovative and high quality solutions, Squartz has been working in several sectors of industry using solutions in AR as its main product. Our main goal is to bring a closer relationship between customers and brands through Total Immersion, as described in our slogan “Connecting brands and clients”. The Brazilian market is currently one of the most promising in the world!

Total Immersion welcomes new partner in China : The Creator Solution Ltd.!

The Creator Solution Ltd. makes brands an unforgettable digital media experience… This is what we do and what we are passionate for. Our goal is to maximum your branding solution and to reach your corporate-image.
We are professional as your creative partner and the solution provider for agencies and clients on digital media.

Strong concept, state-of-the-art technology, innovative media design, up-to-date architecture and thrilling show concepts with a powerful message… are our requirements and your benefit.

Total Immersion welcomes new partner in Germany : ARgeneer!

ARgeneer is a Digital Marketing agency located in Cologne, Germany with focus on Augmented Reality Applications. Our expertise includes mobile, web and desktop development using state of the art technology. We provide value to our customers by benefits such as quick to market, high quality professionals and processes. We deliver innovative solutions for businesses and do this professionally, fast and cost-effective. By using Augmented Reality, we close the gap between the real world and the digital. We create the future of communication!

World’s Largest AR Partner Network welcomes 3DIMERCE!

Eindhoven based (founded in 2001) is the leading agency in creation of stunning product image content. We bring our clients product to life!

We work for several bluechip product manufacturers in consumer or luxury products and telecom thoughout Europe, such as HTC, Vodafone, Bugaboo, Osram, T-Mobile, Vogel’s and Philips. We create and manage product image content with our unique OneShot technology and completed succesful projects in the field of product videos, interactive product demos, product configurators, 3D TV, instore product interaction and of course augmented reality.

Interested in working with 3Dimerce? Well, simply challenge us with your new project or problem! Check out our website for more details.

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