Silhouette Launches Augmented Reality iMirror

Silhouette iMirror makes your iPhone 4 or iPad 2 a real mirror – and more.

Thanks to advanced Augmented Reality video technology you can easily try on eyewear any time and anywhere you like. 

 Have you ever wondered what you would look like wearing a new model of eyewear? The Silhouette iMirror has been developed to answer just that question. iMirror app users can watch themselves move around freely like in a real mirror, wearing any pair of the famous sunglasses in the Silhouette collection, without ever going to an optimetrician’s and actually fetching a set.

Most optimetricians will also be hard put to allow you free reign with the complete collection of Silhouette eyewear. The iMirror has no such troubles, and even empowers you to change the shapes and colors of your favourite eyewear.

The tech side

Step one is to create a video. The iPhone 4 and iPad 2 with their front-side cameras are the perfect tool for this task. Then the real digital magic happens: the iMirror tracks the face of a person and superimposes a 3D realtime overlay of Silhouette’s eyewear from any collection, in any shape or color.

Virtual Mirror

For those without a front-facing camera there’s another great app: the Silhouette Virtual Mirror, where you can upload a photo and check out the fit of all of Silhouette’s eyewear models on it.

In both apps, you can easily save photos and share them with friends online.

German Online Retailer Mister Spex chooses Total Immersion’s TryLive Eyewear Solution for 3D Glasses Fitting

As of now, visitors to the Mister Spex website, the largest online shop in Germany for designer glasses, for the first time can try on glasses in 3D with use of a webcam. The company hopes that buying glasses online will now be even more of shopping experience for the customer.
“A recently carried out market research study has shown us that 80% of people who wear glasses want to see how they look in them” explains Thilo Hardt, founder and Product Manager of Mister Spex. “Our customers are now able to do this with the 3D fitting. Using a webcam, the customer can see a real picture of themselves wearing the glasses in 3D.” The image of the glasses follows the head’s movements so that it is almost like looking in a mirror. The customer can also alter the colour and model of the glasses.

“The development of the 3D fitting is an important step for online retailers. In the future, it will be impossible to imagine the industry without this technology” says Hardt. Mister Spex launched the virtual fitting tool in conjunction with the French firm Total Immersion, who are the international leaders in the development of augmented reality applications. With this kind of fitting, the online optician is one of the forerunners in e-commerce innovation, as up until now, similar applications have not been very widely used.

A beta version of the “virtual mirror” is available on the Mister Spex homepage with a few sunglasses models. However, in the coming weeks around 700 glasses and sunglasses styles will be available in 3D. Eventually, the website’s online fitting will be entirely converted to 3D. Those who do not have a webcam however can try glasses on using a passport photo, without the 3D effect.

To see the beta version of the 3D online fitting tool from Mister Spex:

About Mister Spex:
Mister Spex GmbH is the largest online-based designer glasses company in Germany. Through the internet, the company offers an extensive range of high quality prescription glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses and contact lenses at competitive prices.

In 2010 Mister Spex had a turnover of around 11 million Euros. Since the opening of the online shop in April 2008, Mister Spex has managed to attract more than 200,000 customers. The young and fast growing company currently employs 120 staff at its head office in Berlin, 80 of them permanent.

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