Total Immersion puts in the action with new “Iron Man 2” Augmented reality application

Collaboration with LG Mobile Phones, Marvel and Paramount Lets Anyone Don the Gear and Fly Around Like Tony Stark via IM2 Microsite and New LG Ally Android Mobile Phone

LOS ANGELES (June 23, 2010) – Curious to see the world as Tony Stark sees it?

Well, you can now don the gear, thanks to Total Immersion, the global leader in augmented reality (AR).  As part of LG’s multi-platform marketing campaign, Total Immersion teamed with LG Mobile Phones, Alcone Marketing, Marvel Studios and Paramount for an integrated digital promotion around Iron Man 2, which arrived in theaters nationwide on May 7, entitled “Iron Man Yourself.”

Encompassing mobile AR and the Web, the promotion features markerless augmented reality – tracking that enables the AR application to use natural targets to trigger the experience.

The “Iron Man Yourself” promotion includes a limited edition Iron Man 2 comic book available with the purchase of every LG Ally handset, LG’s first Android mobile phone in the U.S. Featuring Total Immersion’s D’Fusion@home and D’Fusion Mobile software.  LG Ally allows consumers to experience an Augmented Reality application via the handset.

“This integrated digital campaign brings together some remarkable AR capabilities – markerless tracking, computer vision and mobile AR — in one of the most compelling extensions to a film franchise in recent memory,” said Bruno Uzzan, CEO and co-founder, Total Immersion.  “Working with LG, Alcone, Marvel and Paramount, we’ve been able to raise the bar on mobile AR while engaging consumers across a range of brands.”

Bringing the film to life, the Iron Man 2 comic book enables readers to experience the world through Tony Stark’s eyes via two unique AR scenarios.  In the first, readers can hold the comic book’s front cover up to a webcam and watch as AR tracking creates an Iron Man helmet directly over his or her head.  Once the helmet is in place, Iron Man’s armor begins to form over the reader’s chest and the transformation is complete.  Consumers can also get a feel for the infamous heads-up display from within the Iron Man helmet, and the AR experience can be recorded and shared.

In a second scenario, the comic book’s back cover kicks off a fast and furious timed challenge called “Sky Thruster Game” in which players, through movement detection, control a flying figure of Iron Man across desert and urban landscapes.  Using the comic book as a joystick, players must dodge city buildings and close encounters with LG icons as they race to the finish and move on to higher levels.

Total Immersion exhibited its unique AR installation at the LG Iron Man 2 event in New York City on May 11.  In addition to celebrating LG’s partnership with the film, the event used AR implementations to highlight finalist concepts from the LG Design the Future Competition which challenged participants to create futurist handset designs and models.

“I am Iron Man 2” wowed final users !

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Try now “I am Iron Man 2” Augmented Reality Experience

PPC Interactive unveils “I am iron Man 2” Augmented Reality Experience for the theatrical release of “Iron Man 2”.

This experience based on Total Immersion’s Technology features unique functions like Face Tracking, Movement Detection and possibility to capture the video stream with sharing options through social networks.

This engaging experience allows you to turn yourself into Iron Man and try out the HUD (Heads Up Display) used by Marvel’s hero.

Blog Review : “Augmented Reality Meets Home Entertainment”

Please have a look at this article : Home Media Magazine

Three of the fourth quarter’s biggest DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases featured a bonus that can’t be found on the discs, but only on the packaging. And the company behind it is hoping they won’t be the last in home entertainment to try it.

All owners of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Star Trek and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen need is a Web cam. Visit a Web site tied into the specific release (such as for Transformers), slide your box art in front of the webcam and watch as you activate an interactive 3D image of Optimus Prime. For Star Trek, users take a self-guided tour of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and for Battle of the Smithsonian, Rex the Dinosaur, a giant squid and Amelia Earhart’s plane pop off the box, right in front of the consumer.

“It was just a really interesting idea in terms of home entertainment,” said Bruno Uzzan, CEO and co-founder of Total Immersion, the company behind the software, dubbed “augmented reality.” “Our goal is hyper-realism, giving consumers something more and something new that they haven’t seen before.”

Augmented reality works by the webcam and Web site recognizing the specific cover art and popping up a 3D image that consumers can move around on-screen in real time. While all three earned high praise from both the studio partners, Paramount and Fox, Uzzan said he was partial to the Transformers experience, since “it really connected with consumers.” more

Video Release of Augmented Reality Bonus on Gi Joe The Rise of Cobra DVD

For the last release of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Special Edition and Blu-ray Edition DVD, use your DVD as a special trigger for Augmented Reality Combat Experience. This exclusive AR Experience is first time used as part of a bonus in a DVD.

Credit : PPC Group

DVD : Augmented Reality considered features as bonus for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Special Edition and Blu-ray Edition

For the last release of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Special Edition and Blu-ray Edition DVD, use your DVD as a special trigger for Augmented Reality Combat Experience. This exclusive AR Experience is first time used as part of a bonus in a DVD.






Have a look to the video trailer here.

Experience here. (DVD is required)

AR experience has been developed by PCC Group with technology powered by Total Immersion.

Expert Review :Eric Gehl, COO “User stats prove growing consumer demand for augmented reality”

User statistics published this week are proof of the growing impact of augmented reality (AR) marketing on consumers, according to market leading specialists, Total Immersion.

Eric Gehl 1The figures, compiled from AR website campaigns for Paramount Picture films Star Trek and  Transformers, show that the experiences generated ‘hundreds of thousands of visitors’ during the first launch week alone, with an average viewing time of four minutes.

According to Total Immersion’s COO, Eric Gehl, the statistics demonstrate a growing consumer appetite for augmented reality, which marketers cannot afford to ignore.

“This technology is only just starting to take hold in the UK, so we are delighted to be generating these types of user numbers this early on,” Gehl explains.  “The length of time people are staying on our clients’ websites is a key indicator of the influence that augmented reality is having already.  This is also reflected in the number of YouTube hits that both campaigns have generated, which totalled more than 90,000 in the first launch week,” he adds.

Other high profile campaigns for Total Immersion this year have included the opening of the UK’s first augmented reality exhibition at Nokia’s flagship Regent Street store in London to launch the new N97 and the eagerly awaited Mattel range of AR toys for James Cameron’s new film, Avatar.

The firm’s patented markerless technology will also feature in the new Michael Jackson Opus book, due to be published in December. In France, an augmented reality book published with the famous French editor, Nathan, dedicated to 8 to 12-year-olds, was out of print in only three days.

“Total Immersion and its network of 50 partners has delivered more than 150 projects to the marketplace in the first nine months of this year and 75% of these have been for marketing campaigns,” Eric said.

“It is one of the fastest growing areas of our business and this looks set to continue in the future, especially with the growth of our mobile phone technology, which now works on Symbian and Windows mobile, with Android and the iPhone soon to follow,” he explains.

“Only with the ability to access AR on the move will the technology really start to come of age, or become accepted in our daily lives as a typical media type .  Taking into account the success of recent campaigns, we anticipate that AR will be widespread on the high street and in outdoor advertising as early as late 2010,” Eric continues.

“Everyone has seen the ‘Star Wars’ holograms scene in the movie blockbuster.  This will be reality, Augmented reality in 2013, where the need for video processing will be redundant,” he states.

“Beyond that, there is the potential for the technology to be built into glasses and for new forms of mass communication using personal AR projector systems…this technology has the potential to literally transform the way we live.”

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