2011 Open Innovation Day and Total Immersion’s Keynote were successfully held in Guangzhou

“Open Innovation Day 2011 Guangzhou” to create an international distribution center for mobile Internet innovation

On June 18, “Open Innovation Day 2011” event was successfully held in Guangzhou. This event was jointly organized by China Mobile Guangdong and Orange Labs Beijing, which attracted around 350 developers and 100 mobile internet conpanies from Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Japan. Vice president of China Mobile Guangdong, Qiu Wenhui, and Director of Partnership and Open innovation from Orange labs Beijing, Dr. Ren Zhen, attended the event and made the welcoming speeches. Dr. Ren Zhen introduced the keynotes of “Open Innovation Day” and the open innovation planning and strategy for Orange labs Beijing.

The agenda of the event included “Expert Speeches”, “Keynote Speeches”, “Roundtable Discussion”, “Products Introduction Show” and “Product Demo”. A variety of innovative mobile applications and soft wares were shown. This is the first time for Orange and China Mobile Guangdong to jointly organize the event specially targeting at developers. Through on-site display and interaction communication for the new products, new concepts, the developers can access the international most advanced and innovative trends, which is expect to in turn stimulate the mobile innovation actions and business for developers and operators. The Activities not only attracted many well-known software vendors and developers, but also invited some famous scholars, experts and investors to participate, such as Central Academy of Fine Arts Digital Media Studio Professor Fei Jun, and Linephone concept phone designers Tian Fei. All the participants were willing to jointly initiate and promote the twin-engine development for open innovation and open platform, in order to drive the new future for the mobile Internet.

 “Open Innovation Day” to make innovation more international

Director of Partnership and Open Innovation Dept. of Orange labs Beijing, Dr. Ren Zhen, delivered the keynote addressing, “France Telecom and open innovation”. She said open innovation was the source of future development of mobile Internet, as well as the focus of the development strategy of France Telecom. The developer must have open vision, innovative thinking and ability to research and develop. The traditional style of reproduction and imitation would be difficult to adapt to the pace of future development of mobile Internet, or even face the danger of being eliminated.

It’s said that, the “Open Innovation Day” event was the first time for Orange to cooperate with Chinese domestic mobile application store operator. It allows domestic developers to close contact with global most recent wave of innovation trends, which will help local developers to work with more international perspective and thinking. Furthermore, it will also provide local developers conditions to explore oversea markets.

Open Platform, leveraging the new mobile Internet

The Internet “mobile” era, indicates a unlimited market of innovative mobile soft wares and applications. The explosive growth of application stores of Apple, Google and other open applications store have ledthe “open” competition among major domestic application store operators. With the largest mobile user base, mature experience of market operation, MM (Mobile Market, independently operated by China Mobile Guangdong) of China Mobile, just after its launch, influenced the ecosystem of Chinese mobile application, and attracted the most attention. The partnership with Orange will further extend its platform to international. Orange labs Beijing, casting a tolerant, diverse and win-win platform, will continue to actively expand the cooperation with the parties in the industrial chain integrating their industrial resources together, to bring “openness and innovation” twin-engine power for Chinese mobile Internet industry.

Scirocco Cup Campaign won Bronze Media Lions “Best Use of Print”

The Cannes Lions Festival is the world’s only truly global meeting place for creative professionals in the communications industry. Augmented Reality Scirocco Cup Campaign won Bronze Media Lions for “Best Use of Print”. Congrats to  Ogilvy Beijing. More info here.

Results and Effectiveness:

From these insertions came over 900,000 page views, over 200,000 unique visitors and over 50,000 virtually racing on the Scirocco Cup tracks. In addition, huge buzz over the racing game turned into over 52,000 registering for the Scirocco Camp which was a few more than VW could accommodate, but enthusiasm for the race and the Scirocco itself had been attained. Over 7% of the virtual racers signed up for test drives making 2010 VW’s best year ever for Scirocco sales. For VW, it supported (and leveraged) the fun, active, tech-advanced attributes which are so important to the brand.

Creative Execution:

A flap/insert on the outside of magazines led the reader to a print ad about the event. The flap turned out to be a racing wheel to be used in the Scirocco Cup 2010 Augmented Reality race that was as near as their computer. The instant racers chose from the 7 tracks that the professional Scirocco Cup races would take place on around the country. Since Scirocco is really a product that attracts young trendsetter and car enthusiasts with a love for modern technology, this creative execution engaged them on multiple levels: speed, competition, new gadgetry, and as an adrenaline-pumping experience, either alone or with friends.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea:

As the Scirocco Cup Professional Racing Circuit was coming to China, VW wanted to build excitement for the events, and also use the events to leverage their 2010 Scirocco. Since few people from their target were able to attend the races (or even see them on TV as they were not televised) VW wanted to bring the excitement of the racing experience to people.

Cartoon Network’s Generator Rex Augmented Reality Nanite Detector Scan: New Version Available!

A new version of Generation Rex Nanite Detector Scanwith more AR characters is now available . You can experience it here.

We take the opportunity of this blog post to share with you some funny videos shared on YouTube.

Cartoon Network Takes Augmented Reality with Generator Rex App Across Asia

Cartoon Network is giving kids an unprecedented chance to check if their bodies are hosting nanites – microscopic machines – via a new augmented reality (AR) application created for its awesome new series, Generator Rex.

For the first time ever kids can participate and test themselves for nanites – which in the series have invaded every living being – in two exciting ways. Either log on to the Cartoon Network website or through the Cartoon Network Facebook page to start the scan. Either way, kids can then load the resulting videos on to YouTube or Facebook to share with their friends.

Developed by the world’s pioneer in augmented reality, Total Immersion, the animation used in the AR application is cutting-edge: allowing the user to move close up and away from the computer screen and providing unprecedented 360° views.

Lucien Harrington, Vice-President, Branding & Communications, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. said, “The Generator Rex augmented reality application sets a new standard in how kids can actually become part of the stories and adventures that define Cartoon Network. We are always looking to innovate and find ways that can animate kids’ lives and this ground-breaking initiative delivers on that promise.”

The augmented reality application is available through Cartoon Network’s online destinations in two levels.

“Generator Rex’s web activation has taken the traditional online experience and made it even more exciting. This is great news for kids, fans and collectors of the Cartoon Network property who can now get to see, interact with, and even record movies with, their favorite heroes,” said Philippe de Passorio from Total Immersion.

In Asia Pacific the application is available online now, and is planned to further extend on mobile and on-the-ground over the coming months, to allow viewers the opportunity to experience the technology first hand.

Augmented reality is the term for a camera-enhanced view of a physical real-world environment, where virtual elements are merged with the real-life scene, creating a mixed reality of virtual elements and the real world. Users of Cartoon Network’s application will need a computer, webcam and speakers.

For more exciting Generator Rex adventures, visit CartoonNetworkAsia.com and don’t forget to catch the show, weeknights at 6:30pm!

Japan Discovers Augmented Reality Virtual Trying on Glasses with Zoff Mirror

Total Immersion Asia and it’s partner DAC just delivered Zoff Mirror, a brand new E-commerce Application to try, share on social media and buy eyewear.

You can experience it online.

Our Partner Network in Asia, Stronger than Ever!

A year and a half after the opening of our Asian subsidiary, we are glad to see that D’fusion solutions are considered as the state of the art of Augmented Reality in Asia. All 5 case studies published on the blog Penn Olson (the Asian Tech Catalog) feature realizations by our Asian offices and our partners in Asia.

Two of the awarded projects were lead by our partner AR&co in Indonesia: the Toyota Yaris cross media campaign and the Kompass AR Newspaper project.

The Pringles Campaign, developed in China by Axis 3D and Total Immersion was also distinguised for the uniqueness of the interface using the packaging to control a football player.

Also featured is our Singaporean partner XXX Studio, who delivered an inspiring AR presentation for Bill Chang, EVP of the Business Group of SingTel last September.

Last but not least, Ya de Li Technology, our partner in Taïwan, was awarded for the Citizen Watches Augmented Reality Fitting Room released last month.

More than ever, we are very proud of our partner network!

Total Immersion’s Partner Network welcomes new partner in Indonesia : Elasitas Multi Kreasi

Elasitas is a leading enterprise providing various customizable platforms and integrated solutions for telecommunications industry. Elasitas develop integrated social game platform, Location Based Services (LBS), Augmented Reality, Custom Mobile Application Development, digital activation through Mobile Advertising/Marketing with brand owners on across all devices/OS, and engage in premium mobile content distribution.

With more than 10 years experience and proven track records in the industry, Elasitas has secured a wide range of major clients such as RIM, Yahoo!, Nokia, Electronic Arts, Disney, Cartoon Networks, etc.  We connect to all Telcos in Indonesia and some overseas in enabling local and international clients.

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