“Volkswagen Virtual Golf Cabriolet” in Mobile and iPad Augmented Reality App

The Golf Cabriolet is finally back after 9 years of absence, since production stopped in 2002 after 23 years of success.

Amongst all brands and types, soft-tops have always enjoyed a significant attraction and the challenge still remains to present the latest vehicles as quickly as possible for the general public to discover and enjoy.

The Agency  “Agence .V.”  has thought hard of a most efficient way to put the new model on show at dealers although it is not yet available. They came up with the use of Augmented Reality. This is how it now possible to discover the new version of this old favorite.

In the dealer’s showroom, visitors are either invited to upload the Volkswagen Virtual Golf Cabriolet application on their iPhone or a Smartphone (iPhone and Android), or the authorized dealer provides them with an iPad with the application already loaded.

Once the application is launched the user is able to view and experience the vehicle as if it on site. A wealth of possibilities is offered, such as opening the roof, turning the car, checking details, changing the body colour or the style of the rims.

Offering the opportunity to virtually display the new Golf Cabriolet in full size from a Smartphone is an innovation which requested, from Total Immersion, beyond the limit technologies in Augmented Reality.

“Promoting a legendary model such as the Golf Convertible for its revival through our Augmented Reality technology has been a really exciting challenge because it represents the first Augmented Reality car showroom on iPad2 in the world.” says Bruno Uzzan, CEO of Total Immersion.

This application fully created by C4M has also been developed for the experience to be triggered from various supports including, press advertising, postal card and internet web site.

Available on french Appstore (iPhone/iPad 2) and Android Market .

Credits :
Agence .V. (http://www.agence-v.com/)
Art Director : Christian Vince
Copywriter : Charlotte Bocher
Artistic director : Nicolas Martinie
Augmented Reality Studio : C4M
Video Director : Igal Kohen

Show Us Your Poker Face ! with Partouche Poker Face Augmented Reality Sweepstake

Partouche Poker launched an online sweepstake called “Partouche Poker Face” based on Total Immersion’s Technology! It allows you to create your own Poker Face in 3D, share it on social media and win one of 100 prizes!

For more information, visit Partouche Poker Face page here.



Discover Opel Corsa’s new skin with Hand Painting Augmented Reality App : Spay your Corsa

As of January 2011, Opel’s successful small car now gets a new wardrobe. A redesigned face lends it a sportier, expressive look, making it firmly recognizable as a member of the latest Opel design family.

Total Immersion just delivers a new kind of augmented reality experience where consumers have the ability to inspect the new look in 3D from every angle,  customize it with different colored sprays and tasty decals and share it on Facebook Page. The entire application is controllable by movement detection, latest technology developed by Total Immersion and integrated into D’Fusion Software Suite.

Test now this new experience on the Opel Corsa microsite.


Video release of Tasbeera Man First Augmented Reality Advergame using Hand Tracking on Facebook

Total Immersion and its partner in Saudi Arabia Magna teamed up to create the first Advergame on Facebook featuring for the first time hand tracking  for the last campaign of L’UsineTasbeera Man.

L’Usine employs over 1500 people and serves almost 70 percent of all stores and retail chains in Saudi Arabia. L’usine currently produces 35 different products divided into five categories: Bread, pastries, cakes, mamoul and sambousa. The pastry line commands over 55 percent of the pastry category.

The experience is divided in 2 steps :

Packaging recognition : to activate the game you have to present of one the packaging to your webcam. (download packagings here).

Hand Tracking Control : to control the Tasbeera man, just use your hand on the screen!

Feel free to experience it and share your score on your Facebook account and on TI’s Facebook page !

Blog Review : “Augmented Reality Meets Home Entertainment”

Please have a look at this article : Home Media Magazine

Three of the fourth quarter’s biggest DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases featured a bonus that can’t be found on the discs, but only on the packaging. And the company behind it is hoping they won’t be the last in home entertainment to try it.

All owners of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Star Trek and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen need is a Web cam. Visit a Web site tied into the specific release (such as www.weareautobots.com for Transformers), slide your box art in front of the webcam and watch as you activate an interactive 3D image of Optimus Prime. For Star Trek, users take a self-guided tour of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and for Battle of the Smithsonian, Rex the Dinosaur, a giant squid and Amelia Earhart’s plane pop off the box, right in front of the consumer.

“It was just a really interesting idea in terms of home entertainment,” said Bruno Uzzan, CEO and co-founder of Total Immersion, the company behind the software, dubbed “augmented reality.” “Our goal is hyper-realism, giving consumers something more and something new that they haven’t seen before.”

Augmented reality works by the webcam and Web site recognizing the specific cover art and popping up a 3D image that consumers can move around on-screen in real time. While all three earned high praise from both the studio partners, Paramount and Fox, Uzzan said he was partial to the Transformers experience, since “it really connected with consumers.” more

Molson Dry Augmented Reality Campaign Wins Boomerang Prize

Fake and Total Immersion would like to congratulate Cossette for being recognized at the annual  Boomerang Awards for the Molson Dry augmented reality campaign.  Fake has once again been recognized for its innovative work and the successful execution of the Molson Dry augmented reality campaign. This project has received recognition through countless articles, and has been nominated as a finalist in the London International Awards.

Although this technological accomplishment has created worldwide buzz, it is the comparison of its visual quality, and artistic innovation to the rest of the graphic world that largely influenced the perception of this campaign. Mato Atom, who also directed the TV spot, contributed enormously to this project. For the past five years, Fake has been a leader in the constant evolution of interactive technologies, from feature films, to commercials, and visual effects for leading American producers. Mato Atom and Anthony Furlong are both available for contracts exclusively in Canada through Fake.  

Molson Dry’s “Ready Bottle” Ad Campaign – A North American First.

The television campaign is composed of three 15-second clips conceived around a ground-breaking feature known as “augmented reality” (AR). Overcoming several technological barriers, a research and development cycle endowed Fake with the tools needed to satisfy the client’s expectations. Amongst these is a custom-built video recorder allowing web-surfers to transmit their videos over the internet, where the campaign’s contagion continues to spread. In addition, the AR platform also works with Apple’s Mac operating system, once again a first for Fake and the Total Immersion technology.

Fake, which has elected to position itself as a leader in visual effects design and technological research, has signed up director Mato Atom, best known for his irreverent graphical style. Fake has been developing its partnerships and expertise for over a decade and its projects regularly receive national and international critical acclaim.

Project Review : Molson Dry Online Campaign Video

Dry, real. More augmented reality. This time from Canadian brewer Molson and its Molson Dry brand. When the beer bottle reaches the perfect temperature, it’s time for a party message reveal. All you need to do is download an app and hold your Molson Dry up to the webcam.
“You will see an animated party message come out of your bottle, which you can then control by moving your bottle,” says the brand. “You can even record your performance and add it to the video gallery, which has been created for this purpose, so that we can see you.”

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