Augmented Reality Motion Capture with Face Tracking for Real Time Avatar Animation

Our german Partner induce produced a character show for Walibi theme park using D’Fusion Pro to animate in real time the 3d character. Head and body movements are controlled by the operator using face tracking and all the other effects like facial gestures are triggered with the keyboard. 3D character has been grabbed from an existing 3D animated cartoon.

You can enjoy this show for summer time in 3 Walibi parks : Walibi Sud-Ouest and Walibi Rhone-Alpes in France and Walibi Holland in the Netherlands.


Augmented Reality Live Show wowed Audience in Capital Museum Beijing !

During the Chinese New Year in 2011, the Capital Museum proposed a new culture experience to show traditional Chinese zodiac culture of  “lindong treasure rabbit”.  In the “magic theatre”,  the museum introduced an animated rabbit to send New Year greetings. This interesting interactive experience based on an  “Augmented Reality” technology with real-time communication between guests and performer impressed especially children!

225 performances were organised during one month gathering more than 600 children a day.

This experience has been developed by Total Immersion’s partner in China Lee&Lee.

Last Days to Experience Ocean Park’s AR Experience “Love the Ocean” in Hong Kong

Ocean Park, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong and Times Square joint hands to present to you: LOVE THE OCEAN activity, to let people understand the importance of the ocean to all life forms of the Earth and to bring out educational messages on how we are can help protect marine animals.

An enormous Submarine at Times Square Open Piazza will take you through an educational tour underneath sixty shiny and silvery milkfish, introducing to you how the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong is working to conserve the ocean and the ways to protect marine life in everyday life. Apart from the Milkfish, the Napoleon Fish, Hammerhead Shark and Manta Ray will greet you at the entrance of the Submarine, to make you feel like entering their fascinating underwater world. Please do not forget to grab a chance to make friends and take photos with the fishes through an interactive augmented reality experience. To ensure you receive such surprise, Times Square has prepared free special flyers with unique visual to trigger the augmented reality experience.

Should you have an iPhone, you can also download such special visual via Times Square little diary iPhone / iPad App from App store to trigger the interactive system from your iPhone device at the giant Submarine at Times Square. Support the conservation and protection of marine life: Apart from learning more about wild life conservation, visitors can also donate to Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong by cash or octopus card at the Submarine to support its continuous effort in conservation.

Date : 21 Feb – 20 Mar 2011 Time : 8am -10pm Venue : Open Piazza, Times Square

Video Release of Augmented Reality Experience in Museum to Promote Environmental Awarness

Total Immersion has joined forces with two environmental organizations to bring an engaging lesson in eco awareness to children visiting SEA Lab in Redondo Beach, just south of Los Angeles.

In association with the Montrose Settlements Restoration Program and Pavement LA, Total Immersion developed an environmental kiosk that uses AR to teach kids about pollution and its effects on wildlife and the environment.  DDTs and PCBs dumped in the ocean near Los Angeles decades ago continue to contaminate natural resources in the area.  The Montrose Settlements Restoration Program is taking action to restore these resources.

Kiosk visitors can sample any of three augmented reality experiences, each accompanied by an embedded informational video.  As kids witness the nesting habits of bald eagles, they learn about the lingering impact of DDT on the species.  A separate vignette highlights habitat restoration among native seabirds, known as murrelets, while a third promotes safe fishing via an animated look at the white croaker, a fish at risk from DDTs and PCBs that are still found in the sand and mud on the ocean bottom.


On Cartoon Network Toon Cricket Event, Kids are Transformed into their favourite Hero Ben 10

It was a breathtaking sight as over 12,000 cartoon fans packed the Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore to cheer their favourite Toon stars at Cartoon Network’s ‘Toon Cricket-The Ultimate Showdown’ which was held on Sunday, November 28. The Ultimate Hero -Ben 10, captain of the Benultimates team led his team to a resounding victory over Aggregor’s Agressors as he hit the winning shot of four runs in the super over.

Adding to the excitement and experience of the evening was the digital augmented reality applications which had kids participating live in Toon Cricket contest and enjoying games, video and wallpapers on their mobile phones while watching their favourite toons sweat it out on the pitch. Taking the action and fun to the virtual world for the first time, kids present at Toon Cricket got a chance to be just like their favourite hero, Ben 10 through an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) application. The funky AR stall called the ‘Cartoon Network Digital Zone’ at the stadium had kids being clicked wearing the virtual Ultimatrix.

AR Immersion 2010: Summary: Themed Entertainment & Museums

This panel featured a mixed group of theme park and museum attraction designers sharing their work and process in AR applications.

Robert De Lapp of De Lapp Design on Terminator Salvation

Robert De Lapp shared his concept design process for Terminator Salvation 4D. He addressed the question, “What’s a good reason for people to come back”, and how to immerse visitors “into the Terminator experience.” The concepting process began by meeting a production designer to scope out a post-nuclear backdrop and set the visual style. Immersive features included a suspended ride system equipped with augmented audio, a physical gun, and featuring a variety of AR terminator targets. To generate replay value, the concept included an extended arcade experience where players could buy a thematic “dog tag”, charge it up and practice their terminator-shooting skills to earn power-ups and weapons. These items can then be used in the main 4D attraction.

His approach is to educate the creative team on the AR technology and then come up with creative applications. Next, the tech team backs up the idea by designing a cost-effective and plausible solution. Many theme parks are wary of adoption because they believe new technologies are prototypes that involve runaway expenses. However, AR is advancing rapidly enough such that there is a growing body of reference subjects. Robert suggests that AR is best used when it can support the story of the franchise.

Richard Skaare of Perfect Prototype on Designing for Museums

Perfect Prototype aims to help clients tell stories powerfully through interactions with technology. Museums tend to have more specific needs and traits as a client category, including long buying cycles for long-term exhibits, concern with appealing to the media-savvy, and dreaming big stories while maintaining modest budgets. This usually requires some coaching on part of the design firm to scale down scope. AR in museums is an easy tool to gain attention, but needs to engage the guest as a teaching tool as well. Education is key not only for the guest’s experience of the attraction, but in communicating to the museum clients. A good practice is to provide clients with a “cheatsheet” on what AR is, and cost estimates for different scenarios.

Ernie Merlan of Merlan Creative on AR Installations

Merlan Creative offers 2D and 3D animation solutions for theme parks in addition to AR installations, drawing upon an illustration-based background from Disney Imagineering. Thus the design approaches tend to involve narrative storytelling and character animation. Projects include Disneyland’s Magic Mirror where users can try on a wardrobe of virtual dresses, and a Star Wars marker that plays epic battle animations. The firm operates as a hub of freelance creatives and engineers.

Cyril Drouet of Total Immersion on Amusement Park Strategy

AR can enhance the theme park experience by providing guest engagement, natural interaction, and the excitement of engaging with innovative technology. Data capture and online integration can serve as monetization methods and marketing tools. For example, an AR attraction for a theme park can be completely virtual, and the guest experiences the ride in a HMD. The display data can be recorded as a souvenir recording of the virtual ride, and can be purchased as a “souvenir book” and enjoyed at home. Online integration allows guests to share their virtual experiences and garner buzz. Another theatrical application involves a live performer against a blue or green screen interacting with virtual objects. Viewers watch the projected interactions with 3D glasses, immersing themselves in the mixture of real and virtual worlds.

AR Immersion : Conference agenda now available !

If you want to participate please contact us !

09:00 –    AR 101Main Stage
You don’t know AR yet?  Head back to class and learn everything about the exciting world of augmented reality.

10:00 –    Opening KeynoteMain Stage
Join Bruno Uzzan, co-founder & CEO, as he unveils Total Immersion’s vision for 2011, as well as new
developments, products and strategic partnerships.

10:45 –    Special Guest Session: AdobeMain Stage
Flash + AR = A great future.

11:30 –    Mobile ARMain Stage
Discover how AR can dramatically enhance a mobile experience and what TI brings to mobile and location
based AR.

12:30 –    Intro to TI PartnershipsLounge
Learn about Partnership opportunities with Total Immersion.

01:00 –    Sneak Peak at Adobe Flash ARMain Stage
Discover the features and benefits of Flash-based AR.

01:45 –    Toys & EntertainmentMain Stage
Industry professionals will share insights on how AR plays a vital role in the digital paradigm shift.

01:45 –    HealthcareLounge
A glance at the future of marketing and education in Healthcare.

02:30 –    Retail: In-store and PackagingMain Stage
Explore retail related campaigns and learn how to effectively utilize AR to increase conversion.

02:30 –    Themed entertainment, learning centers and museumsLounge
From queue lines, to dedicated rides, to deep learning experiences – industry experts will discuss and how
applied technology takes users’ experience to the next level.

03:15 –     E-commerceMain Stage
Discover how AR produces a near-tactile experience for simulation, visualization, and bridging the conversion gap.

03:15 –    Augmented Reality in PrintLounge
Extra!  Extra! AR transforms a traditional medium to a virtual 3D canvas.

04:00 –    Success Factors of an AR CampaignMain Stage
From business planning to creative development, campaign post mortems and best practices will be shared.

04:00 –     Experiential ARLounge
Excite, engage, emerge from the pack.  Discussion will showcase acclaimed experiential campaigns and highlight                 design principles of experiential AR.

05:00 –     Closing messageMain Stage

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