Video release of Tasbeera Man First Augmented Reality Advergame using Hand Tracking on Facebook

Total Immersion and its partner in Saudi Arabia Magna teamed up to create the first Advergame on Facebook featuring for the first time hand tracking  for the last campaign of L’UsineTasbeera Man.

L’Usine employs over 1500 people and serves almost 70 percent of all stores and retail chains in Saudi Arabia. L’usine currently produces 35 different products divided into five categories: Bread, pastries, cakes, mamoul and sambousa. The pastry line commands over 55 percent of the pastry category.

The experience is divided in 2 steps :

Packaging recognition : to activate the game you have to present of one the packaging to your webcam. (download packagings here).

Hand Tracking Control : to control the Tasbeera man, just use your hand on the screen!

Feel free to experience it and share your score on your Facebook account and on TI’s Facebook page !

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