World’s Largest AR Partner Network welcomes 3DIMERCE!

Eindhoven based (founded in 2001) is the leading agency in creation of stunning product image content. We bring our clients product to life!

We work for several bluechip product manufacturers in consumer or luxury products and telecom thoughout Europe, such as HTC, Vodafone, Bugaboo, Osram, T-Mobile, Vogel’s and Philips. We create and manage product image content with our unique OneShot technology and completed succesful projects in the field of product videos, interactive product demos, product configurators, 3D TV, instore product interaction and of course augmented reality.

Interested in working with 3Dimerce? Well, simply challenge us with your new project or problem! Check out our website for more details.

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  1. […] We’re happy to announce that has been added to the partners of Total Immersion Augmented Reality software! Innovative and fast as you know us, we are off course the first partner in the Benelux for this great software (best in the market). See also here: […]

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