2011 Open Innovation Day and Total Immersion’s Keynote were successfully held in Guangzhou

“Open Innovation Day 2011 Guangzhou” to create an international distribution center for mobile Internet innovation

On June 18, “Open Innovation Day 2011” event was successfully held in Guangzhou. This event was jointly organized by China Mobile Guangdong and Orange Labs Beijing, which attracted around 350 developers and 100 mobile internet conpanies from Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Japan. Vice president of China Mobile Guangdong, Qiu Wenhui, and Director of Partnership and Open innovation from Orange labs Beijing, Dr. Ren Zhen, attended the event and made the welcoming speeches. Dr. Ren Zhen introduced the keynotes of “Open Innovation Day” and the open innovation planning and strategy for Orange labs Beijing.

The agenda of the event included “Expert Speeches”, “Keynote Speeches”, “Roundtable Discussion”, “Products Introduction Show” and “Product Demo”. A variety of innovative mobile applications and soft wares were shown. This is the first time for Orange and China Mobile Guangdong to jointly organize the event specially targeting at developers. Through on-site display and interaction communication for the new products, new concepts, the developers can access the international most advanced and innovative trends, which is expect to in turn stimulate the mobile innovation actions and business for developers and operators. The Activities not only attracted many well-known software vendors and developers, but also invited some famous scholars, experts and investors to participate, such as Central Academy of Fine Arts Digital Media Studio Professor Fei Jun, and Linephone concept phone designers Tian Fei. All the participants were willing to jointly initiate and promote the twin-engine development for open innovation and open platform, in order to drive the new future for the mobile Internet.

 “Open Innovation Day” to make innovation more international

Director of Partnership and Open Innovation Dept. of Orange labs Beijing, Dr. Ren Zhen, delivered the keynote addressing, “France Telecom and open innovation”. She said open innovation was the source of future development of mobile Internet, as well as the focus of the development strategy of France Telecom. The developer must have open vision, innovative thinking and ability to research and develop. The traditional style of reproduction and imitation would be difficult to adapt to the pace of future development of mobile Internet, or even face the danger of being eliminated.

It’s said that, the “Open Innovation Day” event was the first time for Orange to cooperate with Chinese domestic mobile application store operator. It allows domestic developers to close contact with global most recent wave of innovation trends, which will help local developers to work with more international perspective and thinking. Furthermore, it will also provide local developers conditions to explore oversea markets.

Open Platform, leveraging the new mobile Internet

The Internet “mobile” era, indicates a unlimited market of innovative mobile soft wares and applications. The explosive growth of application stores of Apple, Google and other open applications store have ledthe “open” competition among major domestic application store operators. With the largest mobile user base, mature experience of market operation, MM (Mobile Market, independently operated by China Mobile Guangdong) of China Mobile, just after its launch, influenced the ecosystem of Chinese mobile application, and attracted the most attention. The partnership with Orange will further extend its platform to international. Orange labs Beijing, casting a tolerant, diverse and win-win platform, will continue to actively expand the cooperation with the parties in the industrial chain integrating their industrial resources together, to bring “openness and innovation” twin-engine power for Chinese mobile Internet industry.

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