Total Immersion Powers MyFlipbook with Selena Gomez

 Innovative Technology Leverages the Potential of Crowd-Sourcing to Create a Personalized and Collaborative Social Music Video Experience.

San Mateo, Calif. June 28, 2011 – Total Immersion, a global leader in augmented reality (AR), announced today that it has developed a new, ground-breaking Facebook application—MyFlipbook—to help music fans create a personalized and unique music video. Created for Hollywood Records, MyFlipbook offers fans and their friends the ability to insert their own photos into a personalized and collaborative music video experience. The application will be launched by Hollywood Records in support of the new single, “Who Says”, from platinum selling recording artist Selena Gomez & the Scene. The resulting user-generated video is Total Immersion’s latest success in marrying social media with innovative technology to deliver an exceptional, personalized and dynamic media experience to customers.

MyFlipbook is an intuitive Facebook application that individuals can use to create a completely unique and personalized music video with their friends. Selena fans upload a photo of themselves incorporating a randomly generated word from her song “Who Says”.  After moderation and approval, the users photos are then inserted into the appropriate spot within the lyrics and music bed of the MyFlipbook music video.  The video is then posted to their Facebook feed for their friends to see and a link to it is also emailed to the user letting them know it is ready to view on Facebook. One of the most exciting features of the application is the dynamic nature of the resulting video. As the users’ friends add their own photos to the application their Flipbook video is updated with the newly added images.  MyFlipbook creates a collaborative crowd-sourced experience where fans’ videos evolve on a daily or even hourly basis, depending upon their social network’s participation, ultimately resulting in an exciting, fun and personalized viral music video experience.

“We are constantly looking to create new, unique and engaging experiences for our musicians’ fans, and Total Immersion is an essential partner in achieving these goals,” said Brian Ressler, Director of Emerging Technologies at Hollywood Records. “MyFlipbook builds on the joint success Hollywood Records and Total Immersion had with ‘MyInterview with Selena Gomez’, leveraging social media to increase our fans’ interactions with our artists. We will continue to work with Total Immersion on delivering inventive technologies that greatly enhance fans’ experience with our artists and their music.”

MyFlipbook application is yet another milestone in Total Immersion’s efforts to provide technology that harnesses the power of social media to create a special and unique immersive experience for users. One of Total Immersion’s first forays into social media also involved Selena Gomez—‘MyInterview with Selena Gomez’. The application allows users to record themselves having a one-on-one video chat “interview” with Ms. Gomez; although the technology makes the interview look real, the content is based on video uploads from the user and stock video footage of Ms. Gomez. User can then share the interview with their friends on social media sites.

“Total Immersion understands the importance and influence of social networks on individuals’ lives, and we have the ability to create dynamic, unique and customized  experiences for our customers based on those networks,” said Bruno Uzzan, CEO of Total Immersion. “We were thrilled to have the chance to work with Hollywood Records to build an innovative experience that helped connect Selena Gomez with her fans, leveraging the power of social media. Total Immersion will continue to be at the forefront of delivering compelling solutions such as MyFlipbook”,

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Total Immersion Solutions

Total Immersion proposes a complete software platform with D’Fusion®, allowing the development and deployment of Augmented Reality experiences on a wide variety of devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. The company recently added TryLive® vertical applications to the Total Immersion portfolio, the first being TryLive Glasses.

About Total Immersion

Leading the Augmented Reality industry since 1999, Total Immersion provides the world’s most widely used commercial Augmented Reality platform. Through its patented D’Fusion® software solution, Total Immersion blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream. The company also marries social media with its technology to deliver a unique and personalized IT experience to customers. The company maintains offices in Europe, North America and Asia. Total Immersion supports the world’s largest Augmented Reality partner network, with a diversified portfolio of more than 120 best-of-breed solution providers worldwide.

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Hollywood Records is part of the Disney Music Group.  Disney Music Group encompasses all of the Walt Disney Company’s recorded music and music publishing operations, including Walt Disney Records, Buena Vista Concerts and Walt Disney Music Publishing.

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