Total Immersion’s Partner Perfect Prototype Retells Its Story, Continues Pushing AR’s Potential

Total Immersion’s “founding partner,” Perfect Prototype built a reputation over the years for imagining and engineering smart interactives, and, in recent years, for taking on diverse and challenging applications of augmented reality. As immersive technology becomes smarter, faster, and more complex, the Perfect Prototype team, led by CEO Matt Browning, is exploring more broadly, experimenting more aggressively, and trying harder to be more clever at execution.

The extra effort has paid off in an array of user-driven devices for diverse clients. Consequently, it was time to retell the Perfect Prototype story.

At, exhibitors, marketers, technophiles, and others can discover how we:

· put a heart and a brain in people’s hands using augmented reality;

· integrated six augmented reality illustrations into an executive presentation to 2,500 people;

· helped produce 37 interactive kiosks, including AR, for the new Pittsburgh Penguins stadium; and

· enabled Iowans to arm-wrestle New Yorkers over the internet.

Matt Browning and the team have also been deeply involved in projects related to Microsoft Kinect sensors, visual detection techniques, and iPad, iPhone, and Android apps.

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