Total Immersion Launches TryLive™, an Augmented Reality E-Commerce Platform that Increases Traffic and Conversion Rates While Reducing Returns

Total Immersion Also Announces ability to Integrate TryLiveTM with Adobe® Scene7®

 Los Angeles, Calif. June 14th, 2011 – Total Immersion, a global leader in Augmented Reality (AR), introduced today its groundbreaking AR platform for e-commerce, TryLiveTM, that delivers a unique digital brand and sales experience to consumers through a series of AR-based technology.

Total Immersion also announced it expanded the company’s partnership with Adobe to include the ability to integrate TryLiveTM with Adobe® Scene7®. This expanded agreement will allow joint clients to leverage media assets managed within the Scene7 hosted environment to deliver AR applications that allow online shoppers to virtually accessorize their style with eyewear, jewelry, watches and headphones – improving brand engagement and increasing purchase confidence.

The TryLiveTM platform is designed to increase traffic, engagement and sales conversion for retailers’ web sites, as well as reduce product returns. TryLive Eyewear will be the first solution available as part of the TryLiveTM platform. Adobe and Total Immersion will showcase this TryLiveTM product platform at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in San Diego on June 14 and 15 at Adobe booth #1425.

TryLive Eyewear employs markerless face recognition and tracking technology that enables consumers to virtually model eyeglass frames from any computer or smartphone. The easy-to-use solution allows customers to superimpose potential eyewear purchases onto their own faces in real-time video; hence, customers can virtually “try before they buy” with exceptional precision. The application even allows customers to solicit opinions from friends by posting pictures of themselves on Facebook or Twitter. Allowing customers to ‘try before they buy’ can increase sales and average purchase cards, improve buy conversion rates, and minimize negative experiences and product returns.

“For many of the world’s top retail brands, Adobe Scene7 dynamic media solutions are critical components of their online experience,” said Kevin Lindsay, group product marketing manager, Omniture Business Unit, Adobe. “Our expanded partnership with Total Immersion offers retailers new, compelling capabilities to extend the value of their Scene7 assets with engaging augmented-reality solutions that further their ability to optimize online conversions.”

“As a leader in AR solutions, Total Immersion’s exceptional product line and extensive partner network have helped numerous Fortune 100 companies develop and deliver unique brand experiences to its customers. TryLiveTM is the inevitable evolution of the company’s solution portfolio,” said Bruno Uzzan CEO of Total Immersion. “Our AR solutions make buyers the ‘stars’ of their virtual worlds, allowing them to try-on items like eyeglasses. By eliminating the unknown in purchasing decisions, buyers will feel secure in their purchases, thereby increasing sales for our customers, improving brand engagement and reducing product return rates. Thanks to the immersiveness of the AR experience, we also enable “social commerce” where consumers enlist their friends in their purchase selection through social networks like Facebook or Twitter.”

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