World’s Largest Network Dedicated to AR welcomes New Partner in the US : Greenback Advertising

Total Immersion (, the global leader in augmented reality (AR), today announced the addition of Greenback Advertising ( to its North American Partner network, the world’s largest network dedicated to AR.

Greenback Advertising is an interactive media agency specializing in emerging technologies and brand marketing solutions.   With advertisers specializing in beauty, entertainment, real estate, ecommerce, and apparel, Greenback Advertising is uniquely qualified in the use of AR as a marketing and advertising tool.  Greenback is able to change the game for it’s advertisers and create ground breaking websites, creatives and Ad campaigns by blending TI’s leading AR technology with GB’s  unparalleled artistic and programming talent.

Since 2008, Total Immersion deployed some 850 projects in 50 countries, with more than 50 percent of the business completed through its Partner network. The company’s growth strategy outside North America has been driven in large measure through its Partners, each of whom brings specialized expertise and geographic reach that complement its overall sales and distribution effort.

“We feel that partnering up with Total Immersion will benefit our clients by providing them with the most advanced branding and marketing services available today.”  Tony Tommasi -CEO  Greenback Advertising

“Greenback Advertising, with their own skills & specialties, is joining our Partner network. We are amazed by their capacities to come up with new AR-concepts & ideas to achieve their marketing target” Bruno Uzzan – CEO Total Immersion

According to Gartner, Inc., augmented reality is one of the “top 10 disruptive technologies” of our time.  Total Immersion, the commercial pioneer in the space, brings more than a decade of experience on three continents, an extensive and proven support infrastructure, and a host of profit opportunities for participating Partners.  Total Immersion Partners help drive AR standards on a worldwide scale while benefiting from the largest AR team dedicated to supporting Partner businesses – from pre-sales and sales activity, to tech support, to lead sharing and co-marketing opportunities.

For information on the program, visit,partners,37.html.

In North America, contact Nicolas Lecoz at (; outside North America, contact Antoine Brachet (

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