Total Immersion’s Partner Network Welcomes New Partner in Turkey: Arox Information Systems Inc.

Arox Information Systems Inc. is founded in 2009 under Aroks Group.  Aroks Group is founded in 1997 and functions in Ankara, Istanbul, Gaziantep and Cyprus with:

  • 3000 clients
  • 130 experienced personnel
  • Total turnover: $30M

Arox has combined the trust, knowledge and experience from its group of companies with new-generation IT solutions to have a role as “consultant” and “pioneer” in Turkey.

Vision and Mission

The future of world IT market will be based on mobile applications, virtualization technologies and new generation web services. Arox is founded with the purpose of developing new products and providing facilitating solutions in world and Turkey by collaborating with new technology solutions.

The concept of Augmented Reality is becoming more popular.  Today,  Arox invests and  provides  unprecented  Augmented Reaility services and  solutions  which are developed  and  by highly creative team.

Our motto “ everything is possible”  simply defines our company.

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