Imatech launched Augmented Reality Cross Platform Campaign for Honda Cars Philippines

Honda Cars Philippines embraces new technology, thus making use of augmented reality as part of their element in promoting latest Honda Jazz 2011.  During their launch they demonstrated their interactive AR brochure depicting the stylish 3D color changeable  model of the car, a short video presenting the spacious coupé, and the accommodating seat configurations.

They invited  customers to visit their  showroom to see the car, get a copy of the flyer and experience  AR on their kiosk or home computers.  Everone in the event is so excited and eager to try out the interactive brochure.  The augmented reality experience maybe tried out at

Source : Imatech

3 Responses

  1. Honda jazz was the new model in 2011 edition..I like it because it was so cute.

  2. Honda Jazz rocks!

  3. This is very cool! I would love to have one too! I’m a big fan of Honda. I own a 1998 Honda Civic SIR. I want to have a Jazz. Soon!

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