Job Alert! New Position Open : Internship – Indirect Channel Assistant

Internship Offer: Indirect Channel Assistant

FY11 Indirect Channel department strategic target : reminder


  • Optimize indirect channel worldwide business generation to achieve FY11 indirect business target
    • Enrich Partner network(lever 1)
      • actual & future program definition, geographical area scope optimization (priority level definition)
      • Support all areas level activity (EMEA/APAC/NA)
    • Leverage network business generation: volume (lever 2)
      • Optimize transformation rate for Tier n to Tier n-1 in current network
      • Leads follow-up: target is to follow-up, optimize transformation rates from leads given to partners to signed deals (as close as possible from transformation rate of TI dedicated sales team)
    • Leverage network business generation: pricing
      • Optimize license pricing level for each country/area (= as close as possible from fair value given market conditions in the country
  • Structure new partner type (Vertical partner) : Create structure, enrich network and follow-up
  • Prepare evolution to FY12 strategy, aligned with TI global strategy & FY11 results


  • Ensure coherence of worldwide partnership policy
    • Pricing list coherence and respect
    • Avoid conflicts channel
    • Contract follow-up
  • Ensure optimized channel marketing policy (communication on projects performed, to serve as new sales driver
  • Ensure optimized reporting to Antoine Brachet on sales figures (turnover/margin/top players) using ERP system

Indirect Channel task description

(1) task split & percentage will depend on TI decision about FY11 direct/indirect organization

Target Task description Comment
Market Analysis 1/ Qualify business potential per geographical market, structured by vertical 

2/ Identify optimized TI positioning by geographical market (Direct/Indirect/Type of Indirect/ Subsidiary

Network prospection 1/ Identify main vertical player per market (create a list, contact) 

2/ Keep identifying best players current categories (VAR/Reseller)

Business development Under Business development Director supervision, help indirect sales management team to reach their target
Network HQ coordination 1/ Keep track of network (database), DCI/type/number 

2/ Follow-up existing marketing tools: monthly web-ex, intranet, newsletter, cotator, trainings…)

3/ Proposition of new marketing tools

Presales 1/ Creative support & help (sketches design, …), for reseller & VAR stage 1
Operational marketing ww 1/ adapt TI marketing strategy to local operational target :  joint marketing with local partners if possible :branding, event, mailing, local press agency, adwords, local company database follow-up to transfer leads to partner 

2/ follow-up on specific partner communication (website follow-up, PR follow-up,metrics follow-up,…)

All under supervision of Indirect Channel Sales Director Group, with a target to reach autonomy on lead follow up and specific tool follow-up

Indirect Channel trainee’s  main qualities requested

  • Fluent English (+ Spanish or German if possible)
  • Selling skills
  • Communication skills (phone with partners, internal communication with all relevant contacts)
  • Marketing and community management vision
  • Solution-provider more than problem raiser

Indirect Channel trainee’s position

  • Under Indirect Channel Sales Director Group
  • Remuneration: 1000€/month
  • Position open in Paris

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