Ecobuild 2011: Augmented Reality Enhances Knauf Product Portfolio

As augmented reality advances in technical capability, an increased range of commercial applications are constantly emerging, identifying new verticals to which the technology can be applied.

Knauf Insulation has enhanced their sales and marketing strategy with AR for Ecobuild 2011 by using augmented reality to demonstrate their residential and commercial insulations product ranges.

The construction industry has flirted with AR before, with sectors such as architecture and planning appearing to have the most obvious synergies. In Knauf’s case the tech was used to expose a difficult and often concealed element of construction, the application of insulation.

Having seen how augmented reality can enhance marketing strategies at events and expos, Knauf approached Hidden to create experiences and AR kiosks for Ecobuild 2011 in an industry first for insulation solutions.
Aside from the augmentations that are being used at the Ecobuild 2011 event, Knauf has commissioned PC and laptop versions of the augmentations in order to equip their sales team with a simple and robust method for demonstrating their product anywhere.

Total Immersion’s partner, Hidden have created three photorealistic 3D renderings of buildings associated to the three desired product sectors. When rotated, the augmentations automatically animate a particular product being applied in a real world situation. The augmentations were distributed across three custom kiosks equipped with HD cameras and 55″ LCD displays. This application allowed the audience to get a close-up and very detailed view of each product. The augmented reality experience has been extended to the Knauf website and visitors were encouraged to take a Knauf information card with which they could control the website augmentation. To view the augmentations please visit

In-keeping with their green credentials, Knauf now have the option to re-use the technology and equipment following the Ecobuild event. This has been included as part of their sales strategy, allowing a greater return on their investment and ensuring a carbon neutral footprint with regard to the AR components of the campaign.

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  1. Great application of the D Fusion and Total Immersion software! Does anyone know if this project would be possible on Windows CE?

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