Total Immersion Develops First Ipad 2 Augmented Reality Application

Front and Rear-Facing Camera Features Enable A Whole New Level of Interactivity

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 14, 2011) –Total Immersion, the global leader in augmented reality, revealed today the first augmented reality application developed for the iPad 2.  This playful application titled, “AR Magic Mirror” gives users a selection of wacky virtual hairstyles, glasses and accessories to try on, or to try on their friends.  The app uses facial recognition to identify the user and apply virtual 3D enhancements to their video image in real time through augmented reality functionality.  “AR Magic Mirror” is planned to be a free application available on iTunes.


Built on Total Immersion’s patented D’Fusion® platform, “AR Magic Mirror” is a preview of a segment poised for significant growth. “This second generation iPad will be a key enabler to what we will soon see in a massive range of powerful augmented reality applications.” said Bruno Uzzan, Co-founder and CEO, Total Immersion.  “With the portability, processing power and broad consumer adoption of the iPad 2, a simple face tracking app today could soon become an essential makeover tool with beauty products at retail.  Likewise a traditional game of online chess could become a massive, multiplayer game in the real world playing alongside vivid 3D characters and environments.”


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  3. This has huge potential especially on mobile devices.

    As of 24 March, I still can not find your ipad 2 app in the app store. When will you be releasing it?


  4. […] will now empower. No more so than the Augmented Reality apps. Have a look at the video here from Total Immersion and some of their initial ideas. We look forward to working with various developers to create […]

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  6. […] the examples of AR that already exist. Those include the yellow first down line in NFL broadcasts; “magic mirrors” that superimpose eyewear or clothing over our physical reflections; walking directions superimposed […]

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  10. […] sound like a “so what” application, the implications are huge for marketers. A new iPad AR app, Magic Mirror, for example, scans your head and face and then adds virtual objects, such as a wig or a mask, to […]

  11. New iPad 2 has come up with really powerful augmented immersion.

  12. Ipad 2 Augmented Reality Application

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  14. This is very cute app for IPAD 2, I’m excited to try it… 🙂

  15. It is an imazing application,I want to ask w
    hat’s the API used for doing it??I’m waiting for an answer pleeease!!!

  16. […]  Companies such as Total Immersion already have their version of a “Magic mirror” on the market.  Virtual […]

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