Instant Win Shopping Mall Entertainment using Augmented Reality in Greece

This Christmas, Germanos rewarded customers visiting “The Mall Athens” and “Golden Hall” department stores with innovatively presented prizes, in an attempt to combine the holiday spirit with high technology. Customers visiting GERMANOS stores were able to see live on special screens a three-dimensional image of the prize they had won on the spot, without making a purchase or participating in a lottery competition. Some of the amazing prizes that came to life in the hands of the fascinated customers included 6 scooters, 10 LG Optimus mobile phones, 10 PS3 game consoles, 5 netbooks and 30 €100-prize cheques.

High take-up, increased customer turn-out
This innovative style of promotion attracted the vivid interest of the public, as proven by the high take-up. As a result, approximately 50,000 consumers received the new coupon incorporating the augmented reality technology by Germanos promotion teams in the “Golden Hall” and “The Mall Athens”. It is worth noting that 80% of those customers, corresponding to a number of 40,000 customers, visited the department stores with the intention to win the prize and get an idea of what it looked like with the help of 3D technology. In addition, this promotion resulted in a significant increase of customer turn-out at Germanos stores in both department stores, which translated in a sales increase in all product categories.

“This innovative promotion aimed at supporting the seasonal televised campaign of our company on a below-the-line level, a campaign based on the central slogan ‘For presents that evoke great emotions…Germanos, and you are in’, stated Alexandros Davos, Retail Marketing Director of the company. Furthermore, it aimed at enhancing the emotional connection of the brand with its customers, via personalised one-to-one communication. At the same time, it was applied with the view to create another unique customer experience –an area where Germanos network lays particular emphasis on, with visiting customers always being its prime focus.

Through its long-standing, consistent presence, the company has won the esteem and trust of consumers. With renewed store aesthetic, improved communication and emphasising on the experience customers come by every time they visit Germanos network, the company continues to serve its vision to provide technological solutions, products and services that fully meet customer needs.

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