Blog Review : Financial Times “Next big trend: virtual fitting rooms”

Have a look at this article : Financial Times

So there you are, sitting in front of your laptop at home and you see a watch you like. “I wonder how that would look on my wrist?” you wonder. Then you print out a little piece of paper embedded with a barcode, wrap it around your arm and hold it up to a camera on your computer and, bingo, there is your arm, adorned with a virtual watch. You can turn it this way and that, decide how chunky is too chunky, and whether stainless steel is better against your skin than rose gold.

Welcome to augmented reality (AR), also known as interactive video technology, which is set to transform the consumer experience. “It’s the next step in creating a seamless experience for the consumer at home, closing the gap between the store and online shopping,” says Chris Sanderson, co-founder of Future Laboratory, a trends prediction agency. [more]

One Response

  1. You might be right . It may be the future of living rooms that we will build and create them virtual fit rooms .and yea that also a trend that the people make their living home like virtual bodies .

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