Pastis Ricard Reveals its New Bottle with the Launch of an Iphone/Android Mobile Augmented Reality App

French famous anise-flavored liqueur and apéritif Pastis Ricard unveils its new bottle with the launch of a Augmented Reality apps running on Iphone and Android Phones where you can see and experience the new design of the bottle, redesigned for the first time since its creation in 1932.

In addition to illustrating the Group‟s new signature, “Créateurs de Convivialité”, Pernod Ricard intends to reassert the extent to which innovation, and in particular marketing innovation, is at the core of its premiumisation strategy. During the last two years, and even during the worst period of the crisis, Pernod Ricard never stopped innovating. Marketing investment always remained high and has already returned to its pre-crisis levels, demonstrating a long-term strategic vision: to build strong and premium International brands.

Innovation therefore meets three strategic objectives:

  • to enrich the experience of the brands
  • concerned, to increase consumption opportunities,
  • to target specific consumers.

To achieve these objectives, Pernod Ricard‟s innovation policy relies on a systematic approach: that of „creative collaboration‟. Whether in terms of product or packaging innovation, consumption patterns or communication campaigns, „creative collaboration‟ consists of inviting a variety of different artistic talents to redefine the contours of a brand, and to reinterpret its codes. This results in a „new environment‟, which renews the brand‟s platform, turning its consumers into ambassadors.

Pierre Pringuet, Pernod Ricard‟s Chief Executive Officer states: “Innovation is now, more than ever before, at the heart of the Pernod Ricard model. First of all, because its decentralised organisation favours individual decision-making at the level closest to consumers and secondly, because innovation accelerates growth: it is one of the drivers of our premiumisation strategy.”

Ricard3D app has been developed by Total Immersion and its french mobile partner C4M. More information on Ricard Facebook Page.

You can download the app here. (logo here)

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