Make your own Movie with Augmented Reality, LG, AR Door and Total Immersion !

AR Door, a Russian agency specialized in Augmented Reality solutions, teamed up with LG Electronics, a global electronics company, to create a Facebook application LG 3D Moviemaker.

The application is based on Augmented Reality technology that due to its interactivity renders all features of 3D TVs in a more sophisticated way.

Through advanced features LG 3D Moviemaker is pushing the boundaries of reality.  Trendsetting technologies bring the immersive 3D experience where instead of just watching scenes you can actually be part of them. The contest allows you to become the main character of a movie and get valuable presents for your skills and efforts.

To participate in the contest you should first go to the application on Facebook, choose any genre you like (or all of them) and shoot a video.

There are 4 genres to choose: horror, animation, fantasy and action. Choose the genre, print out the markers. Make sure you face fits the marked shape on the screen. When you are ready, press the rec button. When the video is done, don’t forget to send it to the contest.

After moderation all the videos submitted for the contest will be stored in the Events section of the web page . The winner who gets for the video the most number of likes will be rewarded with 3D TV by LG.

The details and conditions of the contest are available here.

The application is based on the Total Immersion‘s patented Augmented Reality technology D’Fusion.

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