On Cartoon Network Toon Cricket Event, Kids are Transformed into their favourite Hero Ben 10

It was a breathtaking sight as over 12,000 cartoon fans packed the Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore to cheer their favourite Toon stars at Cartoon Network’s ‘Toon Cricket-The Ultimate Showdown’ which was held on Sunday, November 28. The Ultimate Hero -Ben 10, captain of the Benultimates team led his team to a resounding victory over Aggregor’s Agressors as he hit the winning shot of four runs in the super over.

Adding to the excitement and experience of the evening was the digital augmented reality applications which had kids participating live in Toon Cricket contest and enjoying games, video and wallpapers on their mobile phones while watching their favourite toons sweat it out on the pitch. Taking the action and fun to the virtual world for the first time, kids present at Toon Cricket got a chance to be just like their favourite hero, Ben 10 through an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) application. The funky AR stall called the ‘Cartoon Network Digital Zone’ at the stadium had kids being clicked wearing the virtual Ultimatrix.

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