Blogreview : OMMA “Olympus Cross-Media Case Study: Show, Don’t Tell”

Have a look at this article : OMMA “Olympus Cross-Media Case Study: Show, Don’t Tell”

Olympus really put its camera center-stage in its campaign

When constructing the “Look What You Can Do”-themed campaign promoting the Olympus PEN E-PL1, the media and creative teams at the Boston office of Mullen wanted to put the camera in the hands of consumers. But that’s not so easily done – only the true enthusiast is going to be motivated enough to rush out to the camera shop for an in-person demo, after all. So Mullen decided to provide potential buyers with a hands-on trial they could take part in at home, work, or anywhere for that matter, through an online augmented reality experience that is a key part of the cross-platform campaign the agency launched for the camera in April.

By pointing a tip-in card found in Wired and Popular Photography – or downloaded via – at a webcam, visitors to can hold a virtual, life-size version of a PEN E-PL1 in their hands and actually get a feel for the camera. (Those who don’t have webcams can check out a video of the demonstration on the Olympus YouTube channel.)

Some of you might recognize the guy leading the augmented reality demo, by the way: He’s Mullen senior vice president and group creative director Stephen Mietelski, and with his low-key, self-assured demeanor, he’s an appealing presence. “He knew the camera really well, so it was easy for him to talk about it, and he comes across as everyman. He’s not alienating,” says Mullen senior vice president and group creative director Michael Ancevic when asked why Mietelski was cast over, say, a celebrity (after all, Nikon is using Ashton Kutcher, while Canon’s got Maria Sharapova) or even a well-known photographer. “Also, we didn’t want the experience to seem too slick or overly produced.”

Total Immersion architected the augmented reality experience, which happens to be Mullen’s first time using the technology. “We keep saying it’s the world’s first-ever augmented reality demonstration because it’s not just, ‘Here,’ a random building sticking up out of your hand or whatever,” says Ancevic, adding, “I’m not knocking that, but in this case, augmented reality is used for a powerful demonstration.”

Liz Cutting, senior imaging analyst at NPD Group, sees the augmented reality demo as a creative way to introduce the PEN E-PL1 to consumers. It’s one of a new breed of cameras known as Micro Four Thirds or mirrorless hybrids, which fall somewhere in between compact cameras and DSLRs. They offer consumers better quality photos than they can take with a simple point-and-shoot, and they have detachable lenses, but they aren’t as bulky as a DSLR. The PEN E-PL1 also shoots HD video.



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