AR Immersion 2010: Summary: Success Factors of an AR Campaign

A panel of Total Immersion team members revealed a framework of best practices for successful AR projects.


Business Planning: Greg Davis, Max Polisar, Jason Smith
Creative/Production Planning: Dan Marks, Melissa McManigal, Rebecca Rogers, Cyril Drouet, Helena Lam

Business Planning

  1. Focused Ideation: Begin with a collaborative discovery phase to focus on achieving objectives.
  2. Milestones: Define the stages and timing for development. First, define interactive elements and what happens in the AR experience. Next, move through stages of creative content design, programming, and final delivery and QA.
  3. Communication: Be clear, be concise across channel, and be prepared to support communication.
  4. Social Currency: AR is viral by nature; integrate social media where applicable.
  5. Integration: Proper integration into a campaign leads to the success of both AR component and the overall success of the campaign itself.
  6. Goal Setting/Measurement: Typical metrics for tracking goals include: total initializations/experiences, repeat web users, channel ID, time spent, each target used, and time spent with each unique target. Other metrics are measuring virality (friend challenges, number of photo and video shares, referrals), information requests, and tracking e-commerce channels.

Creative Production Planning

  1. Relevance: Maximize interactivity so the user feels in control and part of the experience, and AR and 3D are used to their best potential in a scenario.
  2. Engagement: Define what constitutes engagement in your experience, and improve it with games, content refreshes, contests, easter eggs, exploration, and social network integration.
  3. Reward: Award prizes or coupons, education and new knowledge, added product purchase value, personal status, social currency, new experiences, or contributions to a good cause.
  4. Usability: Design and test for usability in tracking, environment design, lighting, camera position and orientation, user interface, and hardware.
  5. Accessibility: Increase visitors to the experience externally through promotion and prominent placement, and internally through well-designed information architecture including clear instructions and calls to action.


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