Vantage Surgical Systems Joins Total Immersion’s North America Partner Network, Aims to Deploy Augmented Reality in Live Surgery

Total Immersion has announced the addition of Vantage Surgical Systems as a Certified D’Fusion Value Added Reseller to its North American Partner network, the world’s largest network dedicated to AR.

Based in Los Angeles, Vantage Surgical Systems is a new medical technology company pioneering advanced surgical visualization solutions through the use of AR and other techniques.  Its mission is to improve patient outcomes through superior visualization during live surgery, which is accomplished by overlaying and tracking diagnostic data on a surgeon’s field of vision in real time.  Vantage calls this technology “Computed Surgical Visualization” (CSV™), and believes CSV will in time be applied to any surgery using endoscopes or visual aids such as microscopes.

Currently, surgeons analyze diagnostic images prior to surgery, mentally create a plan of action, commit everything to memory, and then translate these mental images into action in the operating room, in 3D and real-time.   CSV will greatly relieve surgeons of this burden and by accurately overlaying such diagnostic images over a live, moving camera feed, effectively enable them to “see through organs” while performing surgery.

According to Vantage CEO Vacit Arat, ophthalmology, especially retinal surgery, offers the quickest promise of rapid CSV deployment.  In today’s retinal laser surgical procedures, while the eye is continuously moving, surgeons must manually aim lasers one target at a time, leaving a great deal of room for inaccurate execution and taking a long time to go through the whole procedure.  When used as part of an automated retinal laser surgery procedure, the AR system helps eliminate human error in targeting while greatly accelerating the time it takes to perform the surgery.

“An ophthalmology AR system could be on the market in a year or two, well ahead of other applications in surgery, because it builds on various FDA-approved procedures,” Arat said.  “We’re hopeful that its success, in turn, will inspire development of similar AR systems in other fields of surgery.”

“Vantage Surgical Systems is at the forefront of an AR revolution in medical technologies,” said Total Immersion CEO Bruno Uzzan.  “This system represents a real breakthrough in how AR is being applied to address – and solve – some of the most daunting challenges in medicine and science.   We view augmented reality as a new way of seeing, so perhaps it’s fitting that the first application area involves protecting the gift of sight.”

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