AR Immersion 2010 Highlights

Total Immersion’s first annual AR Immersion conference proved to be a confluence of ideas, inspiration and dialogue beyond our expectations.  In case you missed the event, we have gathered videos, photos and summaries of the panels to share with you. Visit the Agenda to view a complete Table of Contents of the event, hyperlinked to online content for each session.

Some highlights from the day:

•    Brian Seth Hurst kicked off the event in excellent French.
•    Bruno Uzzan and Tom Nelms of Adobe Systems announced a strategic partnership that will accelerate market penetration of AR applications, which is currently breaking headlines.
•    Ronald Azuma spoke about the industry’s need to develop a vision to grow the future of augmented reality by creating a Citizen Kane-like opus.
•    Total Immersion revealed new and in-development capabilities of D’Fusion Mobile.
•    Innovative projects and platforms demonstrated by TI Partners.

A centralized repository of online materials from the event can be found on our blog under the AR Immersion 2010 category in the upper left corner of the page. You may also access the videos and photos directly on Total Immersion’s YouTube and Facebook.

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