ABB Brings Renewable Energy Infrastructure to Life With Augmented Reality

ABB Power Systems UK revealed their use of Augmented Reality at Glasgow’s RenewableUk 2010 Expo. Total Immersion’s UK partner Hidden created 4 separate experiences hosted at ABB’s custom-built AR-Kiosks at the exhibition stand, with 3 of these still available online at

One of the first to experiment with ABB’s AR experiences was Alex Salmond, First Minister for Scotland, pictured above with Karen Strong and Peter Jones of ABB and Matt Trubow of Hidden Creative. Amongst other key figures to visit the stand was Energy Secretary Chris Huhne.

Using HD cameras and 65 inch monitors, Hidden augmented ABB’s HVDC systems, featuring detailed 3D and animated demonstrations of how their technology works. The augmentations vary to depict elements such as geographical footprint and internal components.

The Kiosks were fitted with 65 inch slave monitors on the reverse, so passers-by could also see the augmentations in detail.

The above experience features two sections of a landscape that slide together to trigger a series of reactions demonstrating how the power conversion stations work together.

Double sided mouse mats distributed at the stand and placed in delegate bags featured an AR experience on either side – these are also available online.

ABB’s intelligent use of AR was received extremely well at the event. With the 3D rendering and animation accurately reflecting technical detail, the technology continues to prove its value, not only in providing visitors with a lasting impression but also as a viable and communicative sales tool.

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