Ad-Dispatch unveiled New Augmented Reality Experience for Chevrolet Cruze in Canada

Ad-Dispatch, the Canadian partner of Total Immersion, has unveiled a bi-lingual augmented reality application for the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze.

In collaboration with Toronto-based media agency MacLaren McCann, the AR is supported by an extensive national newspaper, brochure and magazine print campaign, allowing users to explore and interact with a 3D model of the Chevrolet Cruze. The Facebook homepage for the Cruze also directs users to the AR online experience.

Powered by Total Immersion’s patented D’Fusion software, the AR uses multiple Cruze print ads in English and French as the trigger for the experience. Users interact with the 3D Cruze by rotating the print trigger to explore the vehicle from any angle while viewing it in various weather conditions. The AR also deploys Total Immersion’s recently developed gesture control technology allowing users to change the colour of the 3D Cruze with their hand motions.

Ad-Dispatch, Canada’s only full-service augmented reality developer, built the 3D models, animation, programming, sound design and voiceover for the AR.

The bi-lingual creative featured in the AR is directly linked to a widespread national TV, radio and print campaign promoting the Chevrolet Cruze as a vehicle tried and tested in all global climates.

You can experience it here !

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