AR Immersion 2010: Summary: Intro to TI Partnerships

Growth of TI Partnerships

Under TI’s strategic Partner Program, in 2009 TI Partners comprised approximately 50% of TI’s total projects delivered, and this percentage continues to increase through 2010. As many of the Partners have different market specialties, TI focuses on aligning with companies with specialized expertise to complement the overall direct and indirect channels. Some focus areas include digital marketing, experiential/event, publishing, retail, platform-based and product-based Partners. Partners choose from two program options: Reseller and VAR (Standard and Elite).

Partner Support

TI offers extensive support:  pre-sales, monthly newsletters, monthly WebEx trainings, and a blog repository at

Unique Partner Services

TI offers Business Solutions for Partners to resell – these are template AR applications which are easily re-skinned for the Partner’s final clients.  TI has also recently launched the Delivery Center Initiative – a robust capabilities database in which Partners can propose skills for service creation inside TI’s ecosystem. Launched September 2010, the community currently has 20 VAR members.

For more information about Total Immersion’s partner program, visit,partners,37.html

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