AR Immersion 2010: Summary: AR 101

Early Tuesday morning at AR Immersion 2010 in Los Angeles, Max Polisar of Total Immersion briefed new participants on the world of augmented reality in “AR 101”.

With the recent proliferation of AR in outdoor and retail environments, and the growth of mobile platforms such as smartphones, netbooks and tablets, more and more end users are becoming exposed to AR, yet newcomers to the field are hard-pressed to describe what exactly constitutes augmented reality.

Polisar defined AR as a leading-edge technology that engages consumers with advanced digital interactivity. AR mixes the real and virtual worlds together, in real time, delivering consumers an ‘augmented’ reality experience on-site, online, and/or via mobile technology.

Put simply, augmented reality is the bridge between reality and illusion, the grout between the digital and tangible worlds. In traditional AR, content appears on a live video feed, using a camera, a screen, and CPU power. An early example of this is the live football 10 yard line on ESPN, which has been in place since 1998.

Total Immersion’s AR platform, D’Fusion, is marker-less, meaning that no special black and white bar-code-like “markers” are needed to trigger an AR experience. Instead, targets are used, which can be an image, product packaging, a face, a hand, or fingers, providing end users with a much more active experience.

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