Total Immersion Enters Into Strategic Alliance With Adobe

Total Immersion has announced a strategic alliance with Adobe that is designed to accelerate market penetration of augmented reality applications.

The collaboration between Adobe and Total Immersion will foster optimization of Total Immersion’s D’Fusion software platform for developers and companies using the Adobe® Flash® Platform.  Work will include technical collaboration, education for the more than three million active Flash developers and designers who want to leverage AR into their work, and joint efforts to deliver AR experiences across all desktops and a growing number of mobile and CE devices that support the Adobe Flash Platform runtimes.

Under the collaborative relationship, Total Immersion and Adobe will work together to help ensure the Flash Platform is enhanced for the development of professional AR experiences, providing seamless playback on any platform that supports the Adobe Flash Platform runtimes.  Total Immersion also plans to leverage the new Flash Player and Adobe AIR 3D APIs when they are made available in future releases of the runtimes.

3 Responses

  1. Does this mean that developers will be able to create AR experiences using Total Immersion’s tools in Flash/AS3? Or will we still have to turn to TI to add the AR functionality?


    • TI provides developers with a integrated tracking library for Adobe Flash Player and AS3.
      The software is protected. To get the final unprotected version, a fee has to be paid to TI that generates the runtime key.

  2. […] And helping standardize it all will be Adobe Flash®. Adobe and Total Immersion recently formed a strategic alliance designed to accelerate market penetration of AR applications. In 2011, look for new computer vision […]

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