Interactive Kiosks for FIAMM at Automechanika Frankfurt 2010

From the 14th to the 19th of September 2010 Italian company FIAMM was present at Automechanika Frankfurt, the international exhibition of car accessories, equipments for garages, service stations and of spare parts, which is the most important exhibition of the whole aftermarket sector, starring the main international players in the automotive field.

FIAMM Batteries has launched a new range of Titanium Batteries, a concentrate of technology and reliability, along with projects in innovation and sustainable mobility, together with its new “green” products for the support of the Stop & Start battery technology.

For the event Total Immersion’s Italian Partner  REGARD deployed for FIAMM an Augmented Reality kiosk application, to emphasize the leading role of FIAMM as global player in Automotive industry, and of innovative marketing strategy.

The AR experience, allowed the visitors to drive a virtual car, along different “cartoon like” 3D scenarios. The ecologic virtual car, with FIAMM’s Start/Stop battery technology, was commanded by means of a special brochure showing a steering wheel. The drivers could experience the car stopping at traffic lights and city obstacles, and then restarting, by pressing a specific button on the brochure.

The combination of finger pointing for “start/stop” and movement detection for the steering of the car, lead to a fun and innovative application, that created a lot of interest around the FIAMM stand, and once again proved how Augmented Reality is an efficient instrument for creating successful marketing campaigns.

About FIAMM:

FIAMM is present in 60 countries with approximately 3000 employees and over 450 million euro turnover. It counts 11 production establishments in such strategic markets as Italy, USA, Czech Republic, Brazil, India and China. The commercial and marketing of its products is entrusted to about 20 sales and technical branches – in Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, France, USA, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, China and India – and a network of important distributors. Sixty-nine percent of FIAMM’s revenue come from automotive components, Starter Batteries, Acoustic Signals and Antennas. Thirty-one percent comes from Industrial Batteries. Its Acoustic Signals are present in eighty percent of vehicles produced worldwide, while in the Industrial Batteries sector, FIAMM is one of only three global producers and the third producer in Europe.


REGARD, based in Italy with offices in Rome and Milan, specializes in consulting, designing and delivering solutions to increase profitability of client Sales & Marketing strategies.

Particularly active on AReality Marketing® and Sales 2.0® solutions, ReGard considers the Total Immersion Augmented Reality technology as a valuable asset to strengthen client profit.

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