AR Immersion : Conference agenda now available !

If you want to participate please contact us !

09:00 –    AR 101Main Stage
You don’t know AR yet?  Head back to class and learn everything about the exciting world of augmented reality.

10:00 –    Opening KeynoteMain Stage
Join Bruno Uzzan, co-founder & CEO, as he unveils Total Immersion’s vision for 2011, as well as new
developments, products and strategic partnerships.

10:45 –    Special Guest Session: AdobeMain Stage
Flash + AR = A great future.

11:30 –    Mobile ARMain Stage
Discover how AR can dramatically enhance a mobile experience and what TI brings to mobile and location
based AR.

12:30 –    Intro to TI PartnershipsLounge
Learn about Partnership opportunities with Total Immersion.

01:00 –    Sneak Peak at Adobe Flash ARMain Stage
Discover the features and benefits of Flash-based AR.

01:45 –    Toys & EntertainmentMain Stage
Industry professionals will share insights on how AR plays a vital role in the digital paradigm shift.

01:45 –    HealthcareLounge
A glance at the future of marketing and education in Healthcare.

02:30 –    Retail: In-store and PackagingMain Stage
Explore retail related campaigns and learn how to effectively utilize AR to increase conversion.

02:30 –    Themed entertainment, learning centers and museumsLounge
From queue lines, to dedicated rides, to deep learning experiences – industry experts will discuss and how
applied technology takes users’ experience to the next level.

03:15 –     E-commerceMain Stage
Discover how AR produces a near-tactile experience for simulation, visualization, and bridging the conversion gap.

03:15 –    Augmented Reality in PrintLounge
Extra!  Extra! AR transforms a traditional medium to a virtual 3D canvas.

04:00 –    Success Factors of an AR CampaignMain Stage
From business planning to creative development, campaign post mortems and best practices will be shared.

04:00 –     Experiential ARLounge
Excite, engage, emerge from the pack.  Discussion will showcase acclaimed experiential campaigns and highlight                 design principles of experiential AR.

05:00 –     Closing messageMain Stage

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