3D Inside : Watch Total Immersion’s new 3D Video of the Interactive 3D Live Show!

Have a look at this 3D video on Youtube about our Interactive 3D Live Show, the future of entertainment in 3D/4D theatres for Theme Parks, Science Centers, Tourism and Event !

With the new offering from Total Immersion, spectators share the stage with virtual live performers, playing a guessing game around what’s real and what’s not. For organizations looking for an effective, dramatic way to engage audiences, Interactive 3D Live Show provides a way to bring characters to life on stage — as game show hosts, storytellers, historical characters, or whatever the situation calls for.

The turnkey Total Immersion solution consists of:

– Live performance.  A next generation live stage show, the platform combines the appeal of a real/virtual performer with the magic of 3D effects.

– Audience participation.  Guests are swept into the story as they’re integrated into the show.

– Scalability.   The platform supports an easy upgrade of current 3D or 4D theatres into a one-of-a-kind live 3D show.

– Branding.  Interactive 3D Live Show brings characters to life on stage, entertaining audiences as the characters assume various guises.

2 Responses

  1. My question is, all of those ‘trigger event’ must had been scripted, right? But how can you match the timing so accurate that it looks as if the video is enhanced in a post-production render?

    • All special effects are scripted but the launch of each effect is triggered in real time from the stage manager or the performer thru a foot pedal.
      It’s like a Powerpoint, the performer is managing his show and decide when he wants to go to the next step :).

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