immediaC outfits Innovative Virtual Dressing Room

It’s now possible for just about anyone to try AR on for size.  Literally.

Total Immersion this week welcomed another Certified D’Fusion Value-Added Reseller to its North American Partner network, the world’s largest network dedicated to AR.  The latest member — immediaC, from Halifax, Nova Scotia – has just unveiled its marquee augmented reality platform: a virtual dressing room that enables consumers to find – and try on — the right virtual garment before they buy the real thing:

In addition to supporting e-commerce in the apparel sector, the immediaC AR platform can be adapted for various other applications, including gaming, simulation, and virtually any other experience that brings participants into the merged experience through gestures and motions.  The company is currently in discussions with national retailers.

“Our virtual dressing room platform is unique, and because it is, we’ve chosen to build it on D’Fusion, the gold standard in augmented reality and the world’s most widely used AR solution,” said John Leahy, immediaC founder and CEO.  “Deployed on this technology, our platform is a boon for retailers — a powerful new sales tool that dramatically speeds the fitting process and engages as it sells.”

”immediaC’s virtual dressing room platform is both highly useful and fun – and once again, demonstrates how versatile augmented reality can be,” said Greg Davis, General Manager, NA, Total Immersion.  “It’s exciting to see AR evolve through practical, innovative solutions.  Our Partner Network empowers creative, technically savvy agencies like immediaC to provide their unique spin on AR.  The network supports an increasingly diverse range of partners, across industries and disciplines – all showing what this new human interface can really do. “

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