Total Immersion and Erwin-Penland Get in the Game with Verizon and the New England Patriots

Greenville-based marketing agency Erwin-Penland, Inc., approached Total Immersion to design a series of digital-out-of-home augmented reality experiences for sports stadiums throughout America. The latest of these resides within the home of the New England Patriots: Gilette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. The innovative digital kiosks live inside a Verizon pop-up retail environment in the stadium, attracting visitors to the store and entertaining shoppers while they browse the latest Verizon gadgets and gear. Using face tracking, the “Get in the Game”

application allows players to virtually try on several unique designs of Patriots football helmets and experience what it’s like to be part of the all-star “Pats”.  Fans can then take snapshots of their uniforms and share them with friends via email.

The experience, one of a sequence of permanent AR displays, will run throughout fall football season. Check out some photos below, and visit to catch the latest game times.

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