Canadian Printer : New Children’s Novel Incorporates Augmented Reality

Have a look at this article : Canadian Printer

Award-winning author and illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi, illustrator of the Spiderwick Chronicles, is launching a new printed children’s fantasy novel featuring special “keys” unlocking a digital world through the use of augmented reality. The book launches in North America tomorrow, Tuesday September 21.

The novel, called The Search for WondLa, is the first of a series that centres around a girl named Eva Nine who is raised by a robot on a planet named Orbona. While searching for other humans, Eva encounters all sorts of characters and ultimately learns about the meaning of family.

DiTerlizzi worked with Total Immersion to create unique online digital content for the new series. In spots thoughout the novel readers are encouraged to enter an augmented reality—integrating print with the digital world—by going online, downloading a WondLa-Vision player and using their computer webcam.

Readers view interactive 3D graphics in a live video stream. Simon & Schuster, publishers of the novel, along with DiTerlizza, approached Total Immersion based on the company’s previous augmented reality integration with print.

“Augmented reality is a new human interface, where digital information and the physical world co-exist seamlessly,” says Bruno Uzzan, CEO and co-founder of Total Immersion in a release. “In The Search for WondLa, the viewer—or in this case, the reader—becomes part of the action. The result is an adventure that interacts and engages in amazing ways, and that suggests an equally amazing future for books that include this kind of digital magic.”

As the publishing group suggests, the young target audience for “The Search for WondLa” is coming of age in a time of tremendous digital innovation and the publishing industry is joining along.


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